Puddle Jumping

I came across this book awhile back, loved the art on the cover and bought it, but hadn’t had the time to invest in reading it until now. Once I opened the eBook and say how short it was, a novella if around 120 pages, I dove in and finished it in just under two hours.

Breaking Dragon

I came across this book while scanning through the Kindle Unlimited offerings. It immediately grabbed me because the H was not only a MC President, he was also black. That like…never happens in this genre. It is like a rare unicorn that I immediately downloaded and started to read, super excited to see what this new-to-me author was going to bring.


This is one of the many books that had been recommended to me that I have put on the back burner until now. Since the last few books I read was in the same genre, I decided to give it a shot before I switched up to something different. Bully was an interesting read. There were parts in it I really liked, and other parts that I absolutely hated, but all-in-all it was a pretty solid read.

The Score

The moment I was waiting for has arrived. Dean’s book released and I was all over it like a fat kid eating cake. He had some awesome lines in the last two books of the Off-Campus series and I was super excited to read a story that devoted itself to him. I wanted inside his delightfully sinful mind, and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed.

The Mistake

After reading the surprisingly good first book of this series (The Deal), I went ahead and snagged the next one. After reading the description and finding it was about Logan, I wasn’t as excited as I was with the previous book, but that soon changed after a few chapters.

The Deal

Sometimes I am in the mood for a light read. Something fun that doesn’t make me have to invest too much in emotionally, and that is when I look in the New Adult genre lists for something to pass the time. I saw that this book was very highly rated and for under a buck, I was more than happy to to give it, and this author a try.

The Air He Breathes

Every now and then, I find myself in a particular mood for a good cry. Maybe because there is a flaw in my character, or maybe because I do it so seldom, I want to check to see if my ducts are still functioning. Either way, if I feel like a good cry, I pop a bottle of wine, turn on The Notebook, and hug a pillow. Tonight wasn’t that kind of night for me. I had no desire to be depressed, but when I quickly realized that this book was going to illicit that response from me, I still couldn’t put it down.


Fury is the first book in a series about the New Species. They are a group of men and women that where genetically modified, by an evil corporation, using various animal DNA. The main animal groups that were used were canine, feline, and primate. Mercile Industries, used these engineered people to test various drugs that they were creating in their labs, as well as running unethical experiments and tests on them.

Torture To Her Soul

This book is a definite read if you have read the first one, and a excellent conclusion to a great dark story. It isn’t sweet, and makes no apologies, but I think that is why I liked it so much.

Monster In His Eyes

Monster in His Eyes is about a college student named Karissa. She finds herself taking a philosophy class with her close friend and dorm-mate. What they thought would be an easy grade, was far from that due to their teacher Mr. Santini’s harsh grading scale. It seems nothing Karissa turns in gets her above a C, with is a BIG problem because she is at the school on an academic scholarship that she will lose if she gets anything below an 89 for the class.


Lick introduces us to the band Stage Dive and the members in it. This book focuses mostly on David Ferris, the lead guitarist/song writer, and the h of this story named Evelyn. Evelyn wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday in a big way, so she goes to Las Vegas with her best friend for a crazy night of drinking and partying. However, instead of waking up in her hotel room with her bestie, she wakes up the next morning to a sexy, tattooed man in her bed and a ring on her finger. Sporting a super hangover, she tries to remember the events of the night before but has no recollection of anything that would have led up to the situation she currently has found herself in. She panics and when the guy wakes up, the real fun begins.

Golden Dynasty

When this book was recommended to me I thanked a book club friend and then didn’t follow up on it. The cover looked so bootleg I was super unimpressed. There was so many other books that I wanted to read, this one was forgotten for awhile. A part of me wishes it stayed that way. Last night I found myself in a particular mood, saw this book still waiting on my Kindle and looked up the description before reading it. Once I read it I was immediately interested in it despite the uninspiring cover, hoping to relive my enjoyment of my favorite GoT (Game of Thrones) story arc. Which one is that? Do you even have to ask? It is the story of Khal Drogo and Daenerys.