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By: Aubrey Dark

4 ½ “Curiosity Killed The Kitten” Stars

Genre: Dark Romance

Cliffhanger: No. 

Price: $2.99 for Kindle

Wine in my Mug: Jam Jar Sweet Red

Recommendation: Definitely 🙂

I’ve decided to start my Book-A-Day quest with a bang thanks to a friend’s recommendation. I read all types of books but I have to say I do have a soft spot for the crazy ones. Books where the main character is more than a few marshmallows short of a box of Lucky Charms, so I gravitate, and dare I say, salivate for dark books. Dexter? Yes, please. I love them in books, but in real life I would probably run so fast you would mistake me for Usain Bolt. But that is what fantasy is for right? The ability to live a life you wouldn’t normally choose for a short span of time with no repercussions.

This is the first post in what I think will be a pretty ambitious and rewarding journey through the piles and piles of books I own or my friends have given me to borrow. I read so fast, and have such strong opinions about whatever one I read, I took my bestie’s advice and started to write how I felt about a few down. As I was starting to jot down my opinions about this book down, I came up with this idea. A Book A Day. Sundays off though, because I do have a family and even the Lord needed a day of rest and reflection. So as the first in the beginning of what I hope to be many more, I decided to start it off with this one.

There are so many words I have about this book. I think I actually texted my friend who recommended this book my response to it in a series of gifs and memes. This was 218 pages of WTF’ery at it’s best. To be honest, the h in this story stepped pretty often into the TSTL category and I would have scored this book a lot lower if it wasn’t for Gavriel. Oh, Gavriel these stars are solely for you!

“Kitten,” I said, placing the tip of my knife at the base of the creature’s throat.

“Look here, kitten.”

The girl raised her head, and I plunged the knife deep.

He was dark and scary while at the same time, he maintained that Alpha sexy vibe that made me want to run as well as jump his bones. Sometimes authors have trouble with the balance of creating an Alpha character and keeping him intelligent at the same time but Aubrey Dark did it well. I know there will be many that will disagree and not like this book, and I will be the first to say IT ISN’T FOR EVERYONE, however, if you like your books dark and your H twisted, read on.


The book is about the h, Kat, who is a librarian who sees Gav come in a few times to her library. He is gorgeous and catches her eye, but she doesn’t do anything with that until her co-worker friend dares her to interact with him, and boy she does in a big way! The plot continues on (and I am not going to spoil much for you) to where she becomes his captive, that is where the book becomes really interesting.


I like that she isn’t complacent with her bondage. She actively tries to escape (though the way she got caught in the first place was one of her many TSTL moments that had me bang my head on my Kindle) so that made her somewhat redeemable but it was Gav that stole the book. His character and dialogue is what kept me reading on until the early hours of the morning, draining my bottle of wine as I gasped and more than one time shouted from what happened next. He is not redeemable. He is far beyond saving and a textbook psychopath but I loved him all the same.


His character reminds me a lot of Dexter, he has a code and a methodology to his madness. He is smart and very organized with his killings, the reason why he could have the body count he has and not be caught. He is crazy, but he embraces it and doesn’t care a bit what anyone thinks of him.


The chemistry between the two was HOT. If it was anything less than intense I don’t think the h would have lived, Gav would have probably just killed her instead.

“I wanted to turn her flesh red and make her scream.

But I wanted to please her at the same time.

I wanted to plunge myself into her.

I wanted to shatter her and put her back together.”

He finds himself desiring to keep her more than kill her. Her innocence and beauty made him give her what he never gave another, Mercy. Watching him come to terms with how he felt for her and still able to maintain his identity was the best part for me. Give it a try 😉

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