By: Aubrey Dark

4 “Bad Doctor” Stars

Genre: Dark Romance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $2.99 for Kindle

Wine in my Mug: Chateau Ste. Michelle Harvest Select Sweet Riesling

Recommendation: Heck Yes!

After reading His, I immediately started to have withdrawals and looked the author up on GoodReads. When I saw that she continued on with a sequel with another psycho anti-hero I was like:

I immediately went on Kindle Unlimited and downloaded it so fast I barely had time to take a sip of wine out of my mug before I was immersed in the sick, sick, world that Aubrey Dark has created. Why four stars? Though I loved the h a lot more in this book than in His, Rien was no Gav. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVED ME SOME RIEN, but a girl never forgets her first. 🙂

The plot I think was much better in this one, probably because Sarah (the h) was so much smarter than Kat was. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and trying to make ends meet. I can definitely relate to that. A down-on-her-luck method actress juggling trying to get her big break with her need to make money, takes a job pretending to be a guy’s wife so he could go in for some plastic surgery. The place he goes to? Why it is Rien’s Little Doctor’s Office of Horrors where people go in but they never come out…well not alive, and Sarah is caught up in the middle.

Winter style fashion photo of an handsome man

Rien, is an interesting psychopath to say the least. He is an assassin who, similar to Gav, quenches his need to torture and kill on criminals. Just not anybody comes into his office for a procedure, only the worst dregs of humanity gets that “special” referral and the scenes are VERY graphic and brutal. I like how he is so friendly and sweet on the outside, a typical boy-next-door, until you sit in his chair and then he drops the mask to show his true self. The contradictory sides of himself, and how he can switch them on and off in a blink on an eye made me really like his character despite his actions.

“I don’t deal in comfort.

I deal in pain and pleasure.

Specifically, other people’s pain.

My pleasure.”

I have to say there were many parts in the book I was yelling at my Kindle at Sarah to:


But alas she could not hear me because…well she isn’t real.

Aubrey Dark’s books so far in this series are very short, a little over two hundred pages, but don’t let that fool you, it is a non-stop, no-filler, tequila-with-no-chaser, thrilling ride that leaves you wanting more and looking at the last page and still wanting to swipe left. I wanted more of what made Rien tick, more fleshed out moments where you could really delve into his psyche. For such a complex guy and such a strong h, they deserved at least another hundred pages or so.

The dialogue was great. I liked the back and forth between the characters and the attraction between the two was deeper than I would think it could be for such a short span of time I had with them in the book. I could understand the extreme attachment Rien developed for Sarah because, well he is crazy and insane people can be given such leeway, but Sarah was not. I don’t see how she could care about him so fast (In only two days!), especially after seeing his freak flag fly…but hey maybe the sex was just that good.

 “You are my everything.

My indescribable pain and my everlasting pleasure.

My passion and my fear.

My angel. My joy.

My little psycho.”

Like the last book in this series, IT IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE! If you like dark romance then this is definitely a good book to check out but if you like your romance more vanilla, there are plenty of those type of books out there for you to enjoy. Heck I enjoy a good Christmas Cowboy Billionaire book when I am in a mood for a walk on the lighter side so I’m not hating. However if that is what you are looking for…this book ain’t it.


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