Heart Recaptured

Heart Recapturedhr

By: Tillie Cole

4 “Pilgrim Blonde” Stars

Genre: MC Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but it is part of a series.

Price: $2.99 for Kindle

Wine in my Mug: I cheated today. It’s Moonshine.

Recommendation: Yes. Though strong drink is recommended. (Hence the moonshine tonight.)

This book tore me to pieces. I thought the last book put me through the wringer but this one had me stopping countless times to let out a few tears, take a swig of Palmetto’s Apple Pie Moonshine, and pull up my big girl panties to get through this one. I thought I would breeze through this book to get to the story I really wanted to read. I admit it, I am totally a Flame Whore! I wasn’t all that really interested in Ky’s story due to that but once I got a few chapters in I was hooked.


Ky is the VP of the Hades Hangmen and the mouthpiece of the President (Styx the H of the last book). He is a fast talking, hard drinking womanizer who was raised in the club and is fiercely loyal to it and the men in it. The books starts where the last one ended, one of the members unmasked to be a member of the Cult that is trying to get the girls the rescued back. After a incident that puts Ky in hot water with Styx, he is put on babysitting detail.

“I’m putting you in charge of her and I ain’t telling Mae. Let’s call it your… atonement for being a whore-assed fuck-up.”

The girl he has to escort around and show her how life is outside the sheltered commune? Delilah, the beautiful blonde that caught his eye from the moment they saved her.

Delilah has spent her entire life being told because of her looks that he is damned. Not only that but her beauty is such that it will tempt men into damnation as well, and despite being taken away from that commune, she is still horribly brainwashed into thinking that the outside world is wicked and evil. She wants to go back to the cult despite the way she was treated there, and wants no part in acclimating to the world outside it’s gates. She is very indoctrinated and my heart just hurt alongside of hers. She was abused to the point where that was her normal, and she had no identity but as what the Cult told her she was.


Enter Ky, he is the polar opposite of her. He has some lines in this book that had me laughing and it helped to break up the more serious tone that this book brought to the table. Here is a few of my fav’s:

“Bitches cream like fuck over this face and body. It’s because I’m hot, sweet cheeks. Happens all the time.”

“Oh great, more Bible shit. Just what my fuckin’ pounding hangover needs!”
Feeling annoyed and gaping at his disregard of the Lord’s written word, I muttered, “John 4:8. It is worthy of your respect.”
“Got it,” Ky said in amusement. “Gonna write down that worthy shit, frame it, and hang it on my wall.”

“Fuck, I don’t ever get down, love my damn life, but looking at you through that window every night, as miserable as shit and glaring at us like we’re demons, even makes me wanna slit my wrists. And I’ll tell you now, I’m too fuckin’ pretty to die.”

“Gotta take life by the balls at some point and squeeze those fuckers with the skill of a whore.”

Despite them butting heads, and the fact that most of the time Ky thinks Lilah is certifiable, he feels a pull to her, a connection, and in his super classy style, he makes sure she knows it. She starts to feel for him too but her issues get in the way causing her to feel conflicted. She likes the way he makes her feel, but feel guilty about feeling it.

This book is definitely dark, and tragic. It did something that not to many books do nowadays, it made me feel for the characters. I was with them every twist and turn of the way and the ending had me like:


If you liked the first book this next installment is right for you. It will have you wrapped up in your Snuggie alternating from laughing, to crying, to yelling. My husband definitely gave me a few worried glances when I was reading this, but he knows me well enough to not comment. I can’t wait to read the next one…IT’S FLAME’S STORY!


But something is telling me to stock up on tissues and more wine for that one. Maybe a Shiraz?


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