Comfort Food

Comfort Foodjack5.500x8.500.indd

4  “Stockholm Syndrome” Stars

Genre: Dark Fiction

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $4.95 on Kindle

Wine in my Mug: Belvedere Vodka. Needed something stronger to get through this one.

Recommendation: Read them immediately hug someone you love.

Give me a moment to collect my thoughts…


This book was recommended to be my a fellow lover of books on the darker side but I hadn’t gotten around to reading it. Every once in awhile I would get a text from her asking had I read it yet, but with so many other books and series on my plate, my answer was always the same…Soon. After reading the few NA books I just did I found myself going through “dark withdrawals”  and decided to give this one a try. I liked the cover and never read anything from this author before so I was like:


I went into this book pretty blind. My acquaintance was very vague with her description, probably one of the main reasons I have been putting this one off for months. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Got a book for you 🙂

Oh yeah?

It’s called Comfort Food.

That sounds delicious. What genre?


I’m in. What’s it about?

It is super disturbing. Don’t read any reviews on it, just read it.

Will do.

Keeping her warning in mind I didn’t even read the premise, just opened the book and dug in after dinner. Very quickly this book went from 0 to 1000, on my scale of “WTF Am I Reading?” It was exactly what she said. Super disturbing.


The book is about a woman named Emily who gets drugged and abducted by a man. Let’s call him “Master” for the sake of this review. She wakes up in an empty room room with nothing and doesn’t know where she is. Master, by slowly rewarding her for what he deems “good” behavior, effectively trains her to do what he wants, and all without ever saying a word.

I don’t really want to say anything else about the story line because it is one of those books that if you tell about it too much it can really ruin it. Instead I am just going to say how I felt about it.

It was uncomfortable. It was draining. It made me drink entirely too much hard liquor that I am definitely regretting this morning. It is one of those books that you are going to either love or hate. There is no middle ground. This is not a romance. This is a journey a woman takes down a path of insanity. I wanted to save her. I wanted someone to swoop in and rescue her before it was too late. I read page after page not knowing how it would end and it was so compelling I couldn’t put it down. It felt like I was being pushed to my breaking point along with her.


It was well written, had a good pace, and the story is definitely something I haven’t really read before. I think the author achieved what she set out to do, make me feel something, so I can’t give this book anything less than the respect it is due. Love it or hate it, it is interesting to say the least and I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.



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