Just My Luck

Just My Luck

3 ½  “I Am Coletti” Stars

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance; Space Opera

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: Not for sale (the publisher went out of business?), so I borrowed a copy from a friend.

Wine in my Mug: Great Shoals Ginger Hard Apple

Recommendation: Don’t take it seriously.

First off I would like to address how flipping unattractive this cover is. The H that was described in the book looked NOTHING like what is depicted on the cover. If anything, the cover would probably had deterred me from even reading this one if this book wasn’t so hard to come by. Amazon sells all the other books in this series except for the very first one. Apparently the publisher went out of business and the author is wrapped up in the red tape making her unable to sell this one. I say she should put it on her website for free and ask for “donations”. After asking around, I found a friend who actually had a copy and let me borrow it. I’m not all that sorry that I had to get it that way, but if the author has a problem with it she can feel free to contact me and I’ll send her a $5 in the mail. PROBLEM SOLVED! Well just one of them…

Let it out Dawson. Just let it out.

Let’s go back to this weirdo on the cover. He isn’t hideous my any means. He just doesn’t inspire lust from first glance. You know what does?

^^This guy right here^^

So in an effort to purify my corneas and reset my image of the H in question, I doctored this book using Calibre, and took the offending cover off and inserted a quick one that I threw together. Sure I used a lot of energy for a cover that I would see for all of three seconds before I swiped left to begin the book, but worth every slightly inebriated and giggly second of effort.

Image-1 (1).jpg

Thanks Joe Manganiello for having like 1000+ shirtless pictures on Google. I actually think you should never wear a shirt again. They don’t deserve you 😉

Once I completed Operation Cover Change, I started this book with a better frame of mind to only get sidetracked yet again. This time, however, by the h, Kaylee. Her voice in my head sounds like Sandy Cheeks (due to her constant use of the word critter), and it didn’t take me long to start picturing her as that country squirrel on Spongebob Squarepants.

At first it just made me giggle but then I found myself stopping this book yet again to find a better image of her on a Google search to replace the cartoon animal in my mind.

Okay, I feel better now.

With that project now finished I bumped into a new problem. The name of the main bad guys in this book are a race of aliens called the Tai-Kok.

That one was just too easy. Really Tai-Kok? (And I DON’T recommend doing a Google search on that one.) How can I take that seriously at all? Maybe if I was a little more sober than I was when I started this book I could have let it go, but alas, I wasn’t. Every time the name was brought up I giggled like a child and my husband gave me multiple looks of confused worry. What can I say Great Shoals is pretty damn good and it is a local winery.


Despite all of this, this book was pretty entertaining. It was action packed and had more than a few hilarious moments that had me let out a chuckle. This is not a literary classic. It’s just good pulp fiction fun.

The book is about Sandy Kaylee who is a psychic that is part of an elite group called the Sirens. They are all that is between our world being invaded by the Tai-Kok. Why are they invading? We taste delicious.

She comes from a family of psychics and they all are soldiers as well, fighting to keep us from being on the menu. She is not the youngest in her family, but all of them seems to be higher up in the command chain than her and exploit that to the fullest. Whether it is to cut into her shower time, or to get her to make them pancakes, she is at their beck and call. She is also mentally linked to them which puts a damper on her love life. She doesn’t even really date after a few traumatizing ones, where her family butts in and becomes weird voyeurs inside her mind.

If having her family constantly bombarding her brain isn’t bad enough, she also has an unknown alien presence taking room inside her mind that she refers to as her “pit bull”. He showed up a few weeks before where the author starts us off at in the story, and he is extremely possessive of her. He growls and gets all alpha male whenever another man is even ten feet away from her, exclaiming “Mine!” inside of her head. She tries to block him out but he is too strong, so she has learned to just live with it.

Events go on until she finds herself defeated and taken by the Rodan (a better alien name than the Tai-Kok). They are allies to the Tai-Kok and sell them human meat. The leader of the ship attempts to eat her but finds her not to his taste so commands a member of his crew to throw her in the cell with the “Coletti” as his meal instead. After a tense scene where she meets the red-eyed and hungry Coletti, she quickly realized that this vampire-like alien is actually her “pit bull”.

After a short meet and greet, which involves him drinking her blood, breaking out of the cell, stealing a ship, blowing up their attackers, psychic sex, more blood drinking, and him bonding them together, the story really begins. Yeah all that I mentioned was in like the first 30 or so pages.

The rest of the book carries on in this same frenetic pace, packed full of funny moments, interesting fight scenes, anatomically peculiar sex, and introductions to new characters that will be sure to feature in their own books. Though I did have a few hangups and at times the book was  rather silly, it was definitely entertaining. If you can get your hands on a copy it is definitely worth a try.

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