Torture To Her Soul

22021942Torture To Her Soul

4  “I’m A Bad Man” Stars

Genre: Dark Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but it is the continuation of Monster In His Eyes.

Price: 3.99 on Kindle

Wine in my Mug: Nope. Today was a beer night and in honor of this book’s anti-H, I drank a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Recommendation: Just as good as the first book.

The previous book Monster In His Eyes ended in a mind-fuck of a cliffhanger. I normally don’t read books with cliffies because I hate them with the intensity of a thousand suns, but since the sequel to it was already out I went ahead and read this series.

I’m glad that I gave this author a chance. It was an awesome story. Almost immediately after finishing the first book, I started in on the second one. This one, unlike the previous one which was written in Karissa’s POV, was written in Naz’s. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring his dark and twisted mind to the fullest. Exploring his character, and seeing what made him tick, as entertaining as it was, it was the plot that kept me reading on until the early morning, and then rushing around groggy to get my daughter ready for school. I mean seriously, WHO NEEDS SLEEP WHEN YOU HAVE NAZ?

It starts pretty much where the last book left off, Karissa finally sees what kind of man Naz really is, and she wants out. Naz on the other hand, won’t let her leave him. He warned her in the last book that if she decided to stay with him, he wouldn’t let her go, and Naz is truly a man of his word. He knows that they are a mess together, but he can’t let her go.

We’re a disaster, a certifiable catastrophe, and there’s nothing beautiful about the way we’re going. She’s trying to be unbreakable but I’m unshakable. She’s going crazy, and I’m already goddamn insane. I clipped my jailbird’s wings so she couldn’t fly away from me, and then I wonder why the fuck I can’t make her soar.

He can’t let her leave, not only because he is in love with her, but also if he does so, it will sign her death warrant. Ray still wants her and her mother dead because of Karissa’s father murdering his daughter. He wants the entire Rita family line snuffed out in revenge, but Naz can’t find it in himself to end her. Her mother on the other hand…

Naz finds himself juggling trying to find her mother so he can take her out, dealing with Ray, trying to regain Karissa’s affection, and staying a step ahead of the police. A tall order but he was definitely the man for the job.


I enjoyed watching how Naz and Karissa slowly learned how to forgive each other and build back up their trust again. The pacing seemed realistic to me, she didn’t instantly or easily forgive him, and he didn’t give back his trust to her again instantly either. She was conflicted with how she simultaneously loved and hated him.

This book is a definite read if you have read the first one, and a excellent conclusion to a great dark story. It isn’t sweet, and makes no apologies, but I think that is why I liked it so much.


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