Tall, Tatted, And Tempting

Tall, Tatted, and Tempting is about a deaf tattoo artist who is also is a drop-dead gorgeous man-whore. He is definitely into quantity over quality, and owns a tattoo parlor. He lost his hearing when he was thirteen, so he is able to speak, but he doesn’t, instead he writes things out. He meets Emily, when she comes into his shop one day for a tattoo. She is homeless, making a few dollars a day playing her guitar and singing on the street. When he tries to hit on her, all he gets is a bloody nose, and watches as she leaves, unaffected by his “charms”.



Flawed takes the dark genre, and times it by 1000. It is one of the most disturbing books I have read to date, and that is saying a lot. This is the story of a high school girl named Lacey, who is saving up for college, and providing for her family by working in the world’s oldest profession. Yup. She’s a child prostitute. Her mom is a druggie prostitute and her brother is a fuck-up of great proportions, so she can only rely on herself to survive and achieve her dreams.

Devil’s Game

First off I would like to say thank you to Ms. Wylde for writing this book. After the last few books, I needed to read something more exciting, and Devil’s Game didn’t let me down. I could spend all day quoting my favorite bits out of this book, because Hunter had a mouth on him!

No Rest For The Wicked

What do you get if you combine a kick ass valkyrie, a reclusive, self-hating vampire, and an episode of the Amazing Race? Well, you get this book actually. Only if the Amazing Race was played by immortal creatures and disembowelment is encouraged.


What would you do if you found yourself transported unwittingly back before civilization. Would you have the skills necessary to make a life for yourself? To survive and thrive in a time before iPhones and grocery stores? I’ll me honest and say, I would probably have died. I hated the ONE time I have ever camped. Dirt and bugs don’t really do much for me, and even though I had prepackaged MREs (Meals Ready-To-Eat) and a tent, I was more than ready for that weekend to be over so I could go back to the real world of air-conditioning and Candy Crush.

Archer’s Voice

Archer’s Voice is a beautiful tale of a mute man living in a quiet lakeside town, who due to his reclusive nature, and inability to speak is deemed the “town crazy” and is an outcast. Archer, raised by his uncle who indeed was suffering from mental illness, lost his voice in an accident when he was young. Now as an adult, he is painfully shy, mysterious man who Bree meets when she moves into town.

Barbarian Alien

Barbarian Alien is book 2 of the Ice Planet Barbarian series and since the last one entertained me and I was in the mood for something a bit lighter than my normal fare, I picked it up for my Kindle and dove back into the world of Not-Hoth and the ladies who are stranded there with blue avatars who are in desperate need for women.

Last Breath

Last Breath picks up from where the previous book left us. Daisy’s roommate/friend has been abducted. She has been transported to Rio where she is now an unwilling worker in a prostitution ring. She suffers rape after rape, but somehow is able to remove her mind from the ordeal and survive in hopes of being saved.

Trusting Bull

Ever since Saving Dancer I have been awaiting Bull’s story. He was such a loyal sweetheart and I wanted to see him get his HEA. However, due to the events that happened int he last few books, he is a changed man. After the attack in Saving Dancer, he has been going through some things. Once used for his pain, he now is addicted to pain medication and gets them from a shady nurse who is also a Club-Whore-In-Training.


Wallbanger is a story about two neighbors with very thin walls. Caroline took over her boss’s old apartment and it wasn’t before too long that she met her next door neighbor through his hilarious conquests in their bedroom that shared a wall. Between a woman that meows, one that giggles, and one that liked to be spanked she is kept up at night with his exploits.


Play is a book about Mal, who is in desperate need to clean up his image. He figures what is best to do that than find a “good girl” and have her pretend to be his girlfriend for awhile. Anne, the h in this story, is having some problems of her own. She is short on cash and her roommate just ditched her, leaving her to try and figure out how she is going to pay the rent, make ends meet, and keep her little sister in college. Her next-door neighbor, seeing her upset, invites her to a party to get her mind off of it, albeit temporarily, and though she rather not be around people at the moment, she goes anyway.

Ice Planet Barbarians

Ice Planet Barbarians was originally a serial that the author put together as a book once completed. I’m glad I hadn’t picked up until then because I HATE SERIALS WITH A PASSION. I think it is lazy writing. Write a whole story and publish it like a normal, nice author, and don’t piss off your readers. That should be a rule. As I stated before, I went into this book expecting it to be a DNF (Did Not Finish) or at the very least a one star read, but then I found myself surprised that I actually enjoyed the story.