The Darkest Night

476543The Darkest Night

By: Gena Showalter

4 “Immortal Warrior” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance; Dark

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle

Recommendation: Hot sexy men who live in a fortress? Sign me up!

I was still in a paranormal mood, and saw this as a recommendation after I tried a book from Kresley Cole, so I decided to give it a whirl. After reading it, I found myself wanting to immediately grab the next one in this series.

This book is about a group of immortal warriors, who after opening Pandora’s box and freeing the demons it contained, was cursed to house those demons inside of themselves to contain them. The main character in this book is Maddox. He is hosting the demon of violence and is cursed to be murdered every night, die and comeback, as punishment for his role in Pandora’s death.

Enter the h, Ashlyn. She hears voices, and traveled to Budapest in hopes to find the group of men who live there who has special abilities. She hoped that they would be able to teach her how to quiet the voices, or teach her how to control them. She meets Maddox, and the voices stop. Happy about finally having her mind to herself again, she doesn’t want to leave his side, however he and the others aren’t quite sure if she is truly who she says she is.

They think she might be working for their enemies, a group hunting them called the Hunters. They blame these men for all the wrongs of the world and implement a tactic of using innocent young women as “bait” to throw them off guard in an effort to kill them. Maddox tries to leave her behind, it was nearing midnight and he had to get home for his daily “death” but she chases after him, gets hurt, so he takes her home with him.

Before he is killed and sent to hell for the night, he gets his friends to promise not to hurt her, and then he once again dies a painful death, and his soul ferried to hell by Lucien. When he comes back in the morning, he spends time with her, and realizes that when he is around her, his demon seems to be calmer. They fall for each other, and she finds herself wanting to protect him from his pain and wanting to help him.

It was good writing, an interesting story line and I will definitely pick up another one in the future.


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