Last Hit

18626111Last Hit

By: Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick

3 ¾ “Contract Killer ” Stars

Genre: Dark; Contemporary Romance

Cliffhanger: Not for the main characters, but something happens to a side character to continue the story to the next book.

Price: $5.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Good start for a series.


I LOVE a good hit man story. If I can’t snuggle up with a good serial killer book then it is my go-to read, so when I saw this book on GoodReads as a recommendation, I quickly snapped it up and prepared myself for a few hours of action-packed escapism.

What I got from this author collaboration, while not being as action-packed as I hoped it would be, it still was pretty entertaining.

Last Hit is about a hit man named Nikolai, who is staking out his next hit when he spots a beautiful girl named Daisy though her window. She lives in the same building as his mark, and he finds himself wanting her despite living his life in solitude, going from one hit job to the next. Trained in this profession ever since he was a boy, he is good at it and has no regrets about the life he lives, but after watching Daisy for awhile, he finds himself wanting more.

He is a loner, who is a tad crazy and stalker-ish, but reading in his POV about how his growing attachment to a girl who doesn’t even know his name was pretty hot at times.

I watch her through my bathroom window. I’ve placed one of the four rented chairs in here for that express purpose. I tell myself it is not creepy as the american girls would say, because I watch everyone. But really I only watch her.

Daisy, sheltered her entire life by her overprotective father, she ran away on her 21st birthday, desperate to live and experience life outside of the farm where she lived. She shares an apartment with Regan, her roommate and goes about trying to make it out on her own.

The two finally “officially” meet for the first time and then they go on a series of dates. He has no idea how to actually date, he usually paid for sex when he feels the need, and she has no idea how to either because of her sheltered past, and it results in some awkward but sweet moments between the two as they bumble through getting to know each other.

We then get to see her mature from this naÏve, shy girl to an outspoken woman, and also see a softer side to the hardened killer.

The story drags in a few places, but it never was so bad where it was a chore to get through. The problems that had arisen was pretty crazy and fun to read as well as the “romance” between the two main characters. I’ll definitely read the next one soon!


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