Ice Planet Barbarians

25128811Ice Planet Barbarians

By: Ruby Dixon

3 “Avatar” Stars

Genre: Sci Fi Romance

Cliffhanger: Kinda. It is part of an ongoing series.

Price: $0.99 for Kindle; Free with Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Lol.


Sometimes when I scan through my Kindle store looking for a quick read, I come across a few books that either make me laugh at it’s ridiculous name, or hilarious cover. This one was a two-fer. Between it’s pulp fiction name and the cover that looks like Steriod Smurf is breast feeding in space, I was like “YES PLEASE!” for no other reason but because I was in the mood for a train-wreck. Every now and then I like to read a poorly written book just so I can laugh about it with friends, and this one at first glance seemed like it would do precisely that.

Ice Planet Barbarians was originally a serial that the author put together as a book once completed. I’m glad I hadn’t picked up until then because I HATE SERIALS WITH A PASSION. I think it is lazy writing. Write a whole story and publish it like a normal, nice author, and don’t piss off your readers. That should be a rule. As I stated before, I went into this book expecting it to be a DNF (Did Not Finish) or at the very least a one star read, but then I found myself surprised that I actually enjoyed the story.

This book is about a group of women who were abducted by aliens, who intended to then sell them in the intergalactic black market. Some were placed in stasis pods, while others where just crammed into a cage when their alien abductors ran out. The main girl in this book, Georgie, was one of the last to be abducted from her bed, and was quickly schooled by the other women to keep quiet and not to stand out or their hideous captors would make an example of her. They have already raped a few of them and they are considered “extras”, the ones that the aliens really want to keep in good condition had been placed in the stasis pods.

Some time later, the ship has some mechanical problems that made the aliens have to scuttle their section of the ship on a ice planet with the intention to come back for them soon. They are left with two guards, and they quickly over take them and Georgie (the most healthy out of the group) is sent to look for help.

Yup, just like that but in PJ’s

She comes across a big, blue alien, complete with a tail and horns. He wants her as his own, his people have a severe shortage of women, and she enlists his help to save her friends as well. The story goes on and was actually pretty interesting. Vektal was such a sweetie. He was big and was the owner of some pretty unusual man-meat, but he was dedicated in making his Georgie feel at home with his tribe and spoiled her rotten.

There are a few more books to this series out there on the Kindle that I may read at some point. It was written pretty good and was definitely different than my usual read. If you like Sci Fi romances than this one is definitely a good one to try out.

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