Last Breath

19207601Last Breath

By: Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick

4 ½ “Survivor” Stars

Genre: Romantic Suspence; Hitman; Dark; Abuse

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $5.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: I want to give Regan a hug so bad.



Last Breath picks up from where the previous book left us. Daisy’s roommate/friend has been abducted. She has been transported to Rio where she is now an unwilling worker in a prostitution ring. She suffers rape after rape, but somehow is able to remove her mind from the ordeal and survive in hopes of being saved.

Fuck you, I think. You’re not getting tears from me.

Daniel, a hitman and acquaintaince of Nick, has been searching for his sister for eighteen months. When he is asked to keep an eye out for Regan when he searches through brothels, he finds her in Rio and buys her for the night from the owner of the ring. The owner, however, even though he took Daniel’s money, had no intentions of letting her go, or letting him live, but he underestimated Daniel’s skills, and they escape.

He takes her along with him to find his sister using his newest intel, with the intention to drop her off back at her home when he is done. Regan, afraid of being abandoned by him, sticks to his side like glue, and they start to feel for each other, but Daniel doesn’t want to do anything about it because of what she had been through. He is tough and merciless with his enemies, but with those he call his friends he is caring and compassionate. The rest of the story continues on with him juggling trying to find his sister and dealing with his feelings in regards to Regan.

You’re a little damaged. So am I. Maybe we’re both a little more fucked-up than normal, but we’ll be nice and fucked-up together.”

This book was actually better than the first in my opinion because the two of them together was a really entertaining read. They both had pretty snarky, wise ass mouths on them and though the book dealt with a pretty heavy topic, their banter made it easier to read. This was another great collaboration from the two authors, and I will definitely pick up the next one in the series soon!

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