No Rest For The Wicked

10573596No Rest For The Wicked

By: Kresley Cole

3 “Amazing Race” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $6.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Immortals like treasure hunts.


What do you get if you combine a kick ass valkyrie, a reclusive, self-hating vampire, and an episode of the Amazing Race? Well, you get this book actually. Only if the Amazing Race was played by immortal creatures and disembowelment is encouraged.

No Rest For The Wicked is the third book in Ms. Cole’s IAD series (if you include her short novella about Myst as Book One) and while it was packed with action, it kinda fizzled when it came to chemistry between the two main characters. The two meet when Kaderin, a vampire-slaying valkyrie arrived at Sebastian’s castle, she went with every intention of ending his existence and adding his fangs to her collection. Sebastian, who never chose to become a vampire centuries ago, that decision made for him by his brother in an effort to save his life, was more than happy to let her do just that…well until his heart literally awoke, and he began to breathe again. Why? Because she is his Bride. His chosen mate that fate meant for him, and he now has found a new lease on life. Kaderin, though she finds herself unable to kill him, she leaves him with immortal blue balls and leaves before he can claim her.

You see, if a Bride doesn’t- AHEM – “complete” the claiming and “finish” the “job” for the first time, the now mated vampire is  going to have a painfully “hard” time. (I can do this all day.)

So what is a Vampire to do? In Sebastian’s case, he searches for her again and finds her at Riora’s temple, joining a competition called the Talisman Hie, and joins it again in hopes of aiding her in winning and win her heart as well. This sounds like an action packed romp, but kinda fell flat for me. Sebastian wasn’t “alpha” enough for me.

Take notes Sebastian.

He was too much of a soft touch for me. Bowin, however, the Lycan from the previous book, shows up in this book again, also playing in the Hie in a desperate bid to bring his late mate back from the dead with the prize, made the book for me. Now there was a man i could read all day about.

The good news? He has his own book, and it is the next one. Mariketa, the witch from this book he meet briefly, will also be in that one and I am actually excited to see how that all works out.

While Ms. Cole does have a talent for writing, this one was a little flat for me. However, maybe that is because the last book’s H was so super dominant, Sebastian seemed super weak to me. Either way, I may check out the next one, especially because my public library carries it, because I don’t see myself actually shelling out more money on this series quite yet.


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