By: Francette Phal

4  “WTH Did I Just Read?!” Stars

Genre: DARK; Abuse; Mind-Fuck

Cliffhanger: YES!

Price: $2.99 for Kindle; FREE for Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Oh God. Oh God. OhgodOhGodOhGod…


How do I even begin? Should I start with how I needed a cup of chamomile tea and my Snuggie after reading this book? Or how even now, a day later I am still traumatized by what I had read? No…let me start this with how I should have checked to see if this had an unresolved CLIFFHANGER that the author has yet to address. I think she might have wrote herself into a dark and sinister hole with this one, and I find myself torn with wanting desperately to know what will happen next, and wanting to never go down that rabbit hole again.

Flawed takes the dark genre, and times it by 1000. It is one of the most disturbing books I have read to date, and that is saying a lot. This is the story of a high school girl named Lacey, who is saving up for college, and providing for her family by working in the world’s oldest profession. Yup. She’s a child prostitute. Her mom is a druggie prostitute and her brother is a fuck-up of great proportions, so she can only rely on herself to survive and achieve her dreams.

When her brother’s mistakes catches up with him, the person holding the debt sends Knox to collect. Knox isn’t an ordinary debt collector, however. He is the man that is sent when the only thing left to collect is a life. He kills. He tortures. He is a merciless psychopath, whose darker traits were nurtured and exploited from an early age by the man who raised him after his parents were murdered. He has an unstoppable need to kill that can never be truly satisfied, and it rules his life.

“An assassin with serial killer tendencies. I became the best. It wasn’t a matter of conceit. It was fact. An uncontested truth. I was the best because I enjoyed what I did.”

He meets Lacey, when he comes to collect her brother’s life, and she begs him to let her pay it off. Sacrificing the money she has saved up for college won’t be enough, so she offers the only thing left that she has of value. Her body. He accepts, but he is NOTHING like the johns she has had before. He wants her pain. To make her suffer, bleed, and come back for more, and she will in order to save her brother’s life.

“I can imagine you have a lot of questions, so let me answer them by simply saying that you are here bound as you are because nothing else will do. This is how I choose for you to repay me. There will be twenty-five sessions. They will last for as long as I want them to. I will treat you like a favorite toy and break you simply because I can. In this room, you are an object, my object. You have no voice. You have no opinion. Your wants, your needs, are inconsequential to the pleasure I will reap from your pain.”

The events that unfold in this book are deeply disturbing. Knox is an absolute psychopath, with no redeemable qualities, and it was very hard to read his POV. I could understand why Lacey did the things she did. She felt a sense of family loyalty to her brother, even though he has never felt the same to her. She is already fucked-up in ways that years of therapy would only scratch the surface of, but when Knox was added to the picture, she now will carry those scars to the grave, literally. I can see how in his own way he starts to care for her, but it is only in the way a true psychopath can actually care for someone. She isn’t a person in his mind, but his object, his possession.

”Have you ever looked at something so beautiful, so utterly alluring that you just wanted to destroy it? That’s what you are to me. You are this beautiful thing I want to destroy.”

There is like NO romance in this book if that is what you are looking for. This is a dark thriller of abuse featuring a crazy man and a damaged girl. I would only recommend this one to the true connoisseurs of the dark genre that don’t mind an epic cliffhanger that may never be finished.

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