Alex is a bad, bad boy. He is magic on the ice but has a reputation of being an asshole to everyone, including the fans. The team’s management, desperate for him to clean up his image, has him volunteer to be the face of an anti-drug campaign in the hopes of turning his reputation around, and makes it where he can’t say no for his answer.


Bound by Duty

Once again I was sucked into Ms. Reilly’s world of the Mafia and the men and women caught up in between their sense of duty to the Family and their desires for their own lives. In Bound By Duty, it isn’t any different. Like the couple in the first book, the two main characters are put together not entirely by choice, but because of a sense of duty. While the men in these books seem to have a little more freedom in their decision making, the women do not, and are forced into these arranged marriages where they have to just hope for the best.


There seems to have been a trend among authors to write trilogies. I don’t mind this as much as the next person, largely because I rather have well written, flushed out plot, than a rushed through series of loosely held together plot points (I’m looking at you Beautiful Disaster!). I came across this book when I was looking for a good Mafia-like story to read and it was pretty good.

The Professional

The Professional is a quick-yet-steamy story about a woman named Natalie, a grad student who works hard everyday so she can uncover the mystery of her absent biological parents. Her answers come, but not in the way she thought they would, when Aleksei, on the orders of his Boss (who is also Natalie’s father), shows up to collect her and bring her back to Russia. Her father is in the middle of a power struggle, leaving her a weakness he can not let anyone exploit, so he wants her under his protection so she can be safe. He also wants to introduce himself to her, explain the reason why he had been absent in her life, and get to know her better.

Close Liasons

I’ve been having a good streak going with the Sci Fi romance genre, so I decided to check this recommendation out. What I expected, hot sexy times with an invading alien force. What I got, however, was the author trying to make go outside, find the first vegetarian I see, and punch them in the face. It’s not even that I hate vegetarians. One of my close friends is Radha Soami ( a religion that abstains from meat and alcohol), and when he comes over, I make him a Boca burger and we hang out as he stares in a jealous longing of my bacon and beer. What I do hate is when an author tries to push an agenda on me in the disguise of a book that was supposed to be filled with alien smutty goodness.


C791 is a sci fi tale of a cyborg named X109GI (who renamed himself Joe, as in G.I. Joe) who gained awareness, and not a moment too soon. Slated to be purged alongside with his other fellow cyborgs, he disregarded his core commands and staged an uprising, gaining his freedom, and the freedom of his fellow cyborgs.

Torkel’s Chosen

Torkel’s Chosen is different among the “Mars Needs Women” trope that I see all over the Kindle store. Instead of the alien’s in need of women, Earth women are in desperate need of men!

Barbarian Mine

Barbarian Mine steps away from the formula created my the previous books when it introduces us to Ruhk. Ruhk is a sa-khui, but he doesn’t live with the rest of the group in the cave system. He lives alone as a recluse, his late father instilling fear of the others into him from an early age that has carried on to his adulthood. The others do not know of his existence, thinking he died long ago, and he has survived, barely, depending solely on himself, and his skills as a hunter and his wits. It is during one of his “hunts” that he comes across Harlow. She is one of the women who crash landed on the planet awhile back, and is one of the more useful ones out of the group.

Tears of Tess

Tears of Tess is a story about a woman named Tess who went on vacation with her boyfriend to Mexico. She is abducted by members of a sex slave ring, when at a restaurant on a seedier part of town, and she is then beaten, abused, and then sold in France during an auction. The buyer, a rich man who goes by the name Q, takes her back to his home, where he makes his intentions pretty damn clear.


This is one of those books that I have seen the cover of on the Kindle store and GoodReads, but I never clicked on it. Today, I took the bait, wanting something rather quick to read because I had a lot of things to do today. When I clicked on it, I then recognized the author’s name as one that wrote a book that I enjoyed before, so I dived into this one without much of a thought.

Ral’s Woman

Ral’s Woman is a story of a woman who has been abducted by a species of aliens called the Anzons. They are dying out due to their 18:1 male/female ratio and has been searching all throughout space for another species that is compatible to breed with. Luckily for Ariel, she is not, so is spared (and the human race along with her) being a breeder for these aliens, and instead is given to their slaves that they have working the mine on their meteor base. They make their slaves fight, the winner receiving her as his prize, and she witnesses a brutal contest where the biggest of the group wins and claims her as his prize.


Oh, Jimmy. If you are a follower of this series, you will remember him as the lead singer of Stage Dive, who on top of indulging to the excess with sex and drugs, is a pretty awful person. He says whatever he feels like, no filter, and doesn’t care if he hurts anyone in the process. There were a few times in the past books where I even physically cringed at what he let fly out of his mouth. Suffice to say, I was not a fan.