Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night

9779851Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night

By: Kresley Cole

4 “Team Lycan” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $7.49 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Alpha Male meets Alpha Witch

After the last book of this series, which was a total bust for me, I had little faith in this series. The writing in the previous books were solid, but the last one was rather boring. Though it was indeed jam-packed with action the chemistry between the two was a little flat for me.

In this book, however, the story was a lot more interesting, and the chemistry between the two developed well enough to keep my attention. This book picks up where the last one was left off. Bowen is still trapped in the volcano, and though it is the perfect place to end his life, something stops him from doing it. He failed the Talisman Hie, thus ending his chance to gain the Riora’s Key giving him the ability to go back in time and save the life of his mate. A Lycan’s mate is their species sole reason for existence and generally when one dies, the other follows, but in Bowen’s case, he instead carries on wasting away in torment.

During the Talisman Hie, he trapped a few contestants in a tomb, thinking that it would just only slow them down, but it instead trapped them there and he is the only person that knows the location. This causes multiple species to get pissed at the Lycans, demanding their people back, and though Bowen is retrieved from the volcano, due to Mariketa’s curse, he cannot heal and recover from his grisly injuries.

Meanwhile, Mariketa is trapped in the tomb with the Wode brothers, and some fae, where they are fighting for their lives against the spirits of a few incubus that were trapped here as well long ago. They captured Mariketa, who still hasn’t matured quite yet into her immortality, and are keeping her on a high ledge, sustaining her with bugs. The other trapped immortals, get her to jump down, and once again fight off the incubus, when Bowen comes back for them, but mostly for Mariketa, to get her to remove her hex.

They get free, Mariketa destroys the tomb (on the cursed incubi request) and they make a mad dash to safety. When Mariketa is “forced” to remove the hex she put on him, Bowen tells to also remove the other. Mariketa is confused. She didn’t knowingly put any other spell on Bowen, but he is certain that she did, because he has feelings for her as if she was his mate. A Lycan can only have one mate ever, so it has to be a spell, but she doesn’t feel any more of her spells on him which leaves him in a weird place.

“For one hundred and eighty years I’ve no’ touched another. Have never even given a woman a second look. And it was easy to do so. But now I canna seem to keep my hands off a slip of a witch”, he rasped at her ear. “A witch who has me feeling like I’ll die if I doona find out what it’d be like to kiss her.”…”O’ course it’s a goddamned spell.”


He decides then to treat her as if she is his mate until they can figure it out, making Mariketa upset because she has major abandonment issues. She doesn’t want to care for him only for him to drop her later, so the story goes on to solve the mystery of what is going on, Mariketa learning how to use her powers, and them overcoming various obstacles to achieve their HEA.

I liked Bowen a lot in this story despite his douche-bag tendencies. I think it has a lot to do with the Scottish brogue. Yum. I also think that I like the Lycan species a lot better than the vampires in this series so far. If the vampires are like Sebastian, I think I’m going to have to give those books in this series a hard pass.

Sebastian was just too sensitive for me. I like my men tough, and alpha. Leave the feelings for the women! LOL  3 stars for the story plus an extra one for Nïx!


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