By: Stylo Fatome

4  “Pearl Clutching” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Dark; WTF

Cliffhanger: YES!

Price: $1.99 for Kindle; FREE for Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Can’t. Stop. Reading.

Yup. I shouldn’t have been surprised by the crazy WTF content of this book, with a title like Degradation, but I was. Delightfully so. This book is exactly what the description described and I was hooked from the very beginning, desperately wanting to see what would happen next.


This story is about a girl named Tate. Once upon a time she was a young, shy, and naïve eighteen-year old girl. Rich and sheltered, she goes to the apartment that Kane (her sister’s boyfriend) owns, to drop of some boxes for her. Harboring a crush on the sexy playboy, she stays for awhile to talk, but then ends up sleeping with him.

Seven years go by, Tate has been disowned, and because she has no money, or support from her family she had to drop out of Harvard, and makes a living as a bartender and working as a temp. She has changed, becoming a female version of Kane (who she now refers to as Satan), and has mastered the art of sex with out feelings.

I like sex. I like having sex. I like being sexy. I like being single. I like being me, and fuck anyone who doesn’t like it.

Kane and Tate’s paths cross again, and though she originally rebuffs his advances, she gives in under the conditions that it is strictly sex. She wants to do to him, what he had done to her. She wants him to have a taste of his own medicine, so what ensues is a journey of hot sex, manipulation, mind games, and crazy WTF moments.

“I want him to remember me. I want every woman after me to be compared, and found lacking.”

This book ends in a SERIOUS cliffhanger, something I tend to loathe but the series is completed so I can hop onto the next installment at my leisure. This book is definitely not for everyone. Kane fucks around a lot, but they have an open relationship and she is okay with it. It bothered me a little, because I’m not a fan of cheaters, but since she didn’t care he got a pass from me. He also has one of the most dirty mouths I have read to-date, and while I find that awesome, I can see where other people might “clutch their pearls” in horror.


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