By: Bella Aurora

4 “Smile, Handsome” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Sweet and Funny.

Here is yet ANOTHER book I’ve read this year with the lead male’s name being Nikolai, but thankfully, that is where the similarities end. Friend-Zoned by Bella Aurora was a pretty good bit of smile-inducing escapism and I’m glad I heeded its recommendation to me and gave it a try.

The book starts off with a boutique owner named Valentina (Tina). She sells high-end fashion, and her shop overlooks a night club called The White Rabbit, an Alice in Wonderland themed club owned by a man named Nikolai Leokav. She sees him smoking outside of his club and sees that he looks unhappy, and wanting to cheer him up, sends him a bag of candy wax lips.

Nikolai, a serial one-night stand man, thinks she wants more with this overture. Tina, however, quickly puts that notion to bed.

“So we can be friends, right?”
Wait, what?
I stare at her, a frown forming at my mouth.
Did I..? Did I just get Friend-zoned?

She wants nothing more from him but to be friends. She was been burned before by the opposite sex, and has serious trust issues. So they then proceed in having a real friendship, enjoying each other’s company rather platonically. After spending time with each other, and getting to know one another, they begin to see the other as something more. The build-up from friends-to-lovers was excellently paced and the payoff was AWESOME!

The banter/dialogue between the characters made this book for me. It was sweet and down-right hilarious at times, making me smile and even laugh in a few parts. Ms. Aurora definitely has talent and I look forward to reading more books written by her.

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