Sinister Kisses

17670231Sinister Kisses

By: Adriana Noir

0 “Call 911 for a Code 273D” Stars

Genre: WTF!

Cliffhanger: I guess…

Price: $2.99 for Kindle; FREE for Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: No thanks.

Ummm…No. Just No. What started off a pretty interesting read went from 0-100 on the domestic violence scale WAY TOO HARD for me. I understand the BDSM lifestyle, and if that is your kink then have at it. I’m not a prude by any means, I actually enjoy books that are on the darker side but this one…this one just made me want to choke the life out of the main character (male). Beating a woman with a belt because she didn’t finish her “chores” is not sexy. It’s sad. The fact that she let him do this…

I am going to have to be honest here, liquor was needed to finish this book, that and the hopes that the woman would wise up and leave his ass. By the time I finished this one I was equal parts drunk, angry, and disappointed. I LOVE a good crazy guy in my books. Serial killers, mentally insane, sociopaths, psychopaths, you name it, I will gobble that book up like it is free candy on Halloween. However, I see the ones I love the most are the ones that are equal parts dangerous and charismatic. They have that thing that makes me love them despite because of their darker traits, and I tend to reread them when I need a fix.

I’m not even going to waste my time on a summary for this one. I’ll just give you the Cliff-Notes. SPOILER ALERT!  Girl meets Guy. Guy makes girl stay with him in his home. Girl has to keep his home in an OCD-like state of neatness or get beat with a belt. Girl fails then systematically gets beat with a belt, causing her to cry. Girl is not into pain as her kink, but she makes excuses for the guy because he is “stressed”. *cough* Domestic Violence *cough* Other shit happened in an effort to redeem the guy to the reader but fails EPICALLY. Guy continues to abuse Girl but at this point I don’t care anymore because the girl is dumb to stay and I’m too drunk to understand the nuances of the domestic violence victim mentality. THE END.

The worst part I think for me in this book, is that it continues on to another one. Why? I could barely get through this one. Let’s just say I won’t be one-clicking the sequel.


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