By: Winter Renshaw

4 “Guess Who’s Back In Town” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Drama; Second-Chance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $0.99 for Kindle; FREE for Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Good story and full of drama.


Still sick today and since yesterday’s romantic comedy book was a total bust, I decided to go the other way and read a dramatic book instead where the characters feel as miserable as I do. I saw this book in my recommendations and when I saw that is was free on Kindle Unlimited, I snapped it up and dove in.

Royal is a tragic second-chance romantic tale of two people who grew up together, fell in love, but something happened to tear them apart right in the beginning of their adulthood. Royal, the title of the book but also the name of the main character, leaves the love of his life, Demi without an explanation, leaving her broken-hearted with no answers.

As time went on so does Demi, becoming engaged to a wealthy man with a wealthier family, however, he calls it off with no warning and leaves her.

He doesn’t get far, and is in a coma at the hospital after having a terrible car crash. No one knows that they had broken up, so she finds herself in limbo, wanting to move on but afraid of how that would be perceived by the town, and especially her ex-fiancé’s mother, who is also unaware of their recent break-up. She doesn’t want to be seen as someone who leaves her man because he is in a coma, so she stays by his side, in hopes that he will wake up and set the record straight. It is during this waiting period that Royal shows up on her doorstep.

He wants to give her the answers she needs about what happened in the past, and he even knows why her ex-fiancé left her so abruptly. He wants to give her the answers she needs but he also wants her back. He has never stop loving her, even after all this time that went by, and wants to rekindle their relationship before coming totally clean with her about his past, and let me tell you…the secret is a doozy.

The story is excellently paced and well written. I liked the characters, though I think Demi was way too worried about the wrong things. I, personally, could have given two fucks less what anyone thought about why I left my ex. Coma or not, HE left ME not the other way around, and I would set any nosy busybody straight with that fact and kept it moving. She let her ex’s mother just run all over her, making serious life decisions for her, while she just sat back like a dummy.

Royal more than made up for her weaknesses though. He was sensitive-yet-strong, and genuinely cared for her. I could feel his longing for her through the pages and wanted to give his tortured ass a hug or two. If you are a fan of dramatic love stories, this one isn’t one to pass up, and the $0.99 price tag makes it that much better!



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