Dark Deeds At Night’s Edge

9799576Dark Deeds At Night’s Edge

By: Kresley Cole


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $7.49 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Can women get blue balls?

Okay, I’m going to just come out and say it. I was going to give up on this series. I like paranormal, but this series while was okay, I didn’t really like enough to make time for. When you add the high e-book price, this series became re-shelved from a “Must Buy IT!”, to a “Does my library carry it?”. In my case, yes they did, so after feeling a little better, I went to my library and picked up this one.

Dark Deeds at Night’s Edge while it has a corny mouthful of a title, is surprisingly good. Like the veggie cheese quesadilla I ate for dinner, I first eyed it with much suspicion, then I gave it a try, only to find it quite pleasant.

This one once again brings us back to the Wroth brothers. You will remember them from No Rest For The Wicked, a book that I though made vampires super lame emo pussies, but Conrad, Sebastian’s crazy ass, blood drinking brother, made up for that book in spades.

He is crazy, and he knows it. He hates his brothers for turning him into a vampire centuries ago, and works as an immortal assassin-for-hire, but keeps an eye out for his brothers because he wants to kill them for turning him into a monster. There are two factions of vampires. There is the Forebearers, a group that don’t drink blood straight from the source, and instead drink it from blood bags in an effort to stay “clear eyes” and free from blood memories. Then there is the Horde. These are the bad asses we were briefly introduced to in A Hunger Like No Other. They drink from the source, because it gives you more power. However, feeding straight from the source also has a nasty side-effect. You inherit that person’s memories, seeing them in your mind like your own, and makes the afflicted vampire crazy, and red-eyed. If you drink a person to death, you also gain abilities from your victim, and Conrad has done this so much, his victims evil bad guys, he has become crazy and often speaks to his hallucinations.

His brothers are in search of him as well. They are Forebearers, pledged to King Kristoff and sworn to kill all Horde vampires, but they are searching for him in hopes that he can be saved. They find him in a bar, and with the help of Bowen (my sexy Lycan side-piece), they capture him and take him to a rundown mansion on the outskirts of New Orleans, again hoping that they can cure him from his craziness. If they can’t they are prepared to end him, but that is a last resort that they don’t want to even contemplate.

They take him to the rundown manor that they bought but it is already occupied. Unseen to them, a ghost named Néomi, a murdered prima ballerina and the mansion’s previous owner, still haunts the place, unable to move on. She was killed by a ex during a party she was hosting, a murder that she relives every month, and she is immediately intrigued by her house’s new occupants, as they giver her a reprieve from her eternal boredom.

Much to her delight and surprise, Conrad can see her. Since he is the only one out of the group who can see or hear her! Conrad, finds himself relatively calmer and more sane when she is nearby, and so a friendship is struck between the two, both captives in the old mansion.

What happens next is a cool story of two broken people, who are better together than apart. I like the chemistry and banter between the two. Though the plot started to drag a little past the middle, it did pick right back up again for a satisfactory conclusion. This book did feature cameos of Nïx (The Valkyrie soothsayer that I ABSOLUTELY adore) and even Mariketa has an awesome part in this book. I liked that I got to see the characters from the previous books again, was introduced to new ones, and got to enjoy the Lore and world that Ms. Cole created that is getting more and more interesting as the books are progressing.

Will I read the next one? Probably seeing that my library carries this series. I hope this trend of the books getting progressively better continues, because I would like to get to know more about the different species she has in these books. Especially the demons. She had me at horns, what can I say! LOL


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