Barbarian Lover

26185583Barbarian Lover

By: Ruby Dixon

4 “Fun Times With Avatars” Stars

Genre: Sci Fi Romance; Smut

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle; FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Short but fun.

As I mentioned in the last few reviews about this series, this series is Smut with Avatars. Do I care? No. Why? Because it is a fun read, and who doesn’t like a dirty book from time to time?

Barbarian Lover is the third book in this series, and gives us the story of Kira (one of the girls who crash landed on Not-Hoth) and Aehako (one of the blue aliens that are hosting them). She is the girl in the previous books with the translator on her ear, who is very standoffish and keeps to herself. She hasn’t “resonated” with any of the sa-khui and she thinks it is because of the trauma that occurred to her when she was younger. She had an infection that ruptured her appendix that she thinks has now caused her to be infertile.

Though she keeps everyone at arm’s length, Aehako pursues her. He is such a fun, goofy, sweet, and cool guy, I kinda wanted him for myself. He sees her behavior as a challenge, and wants to be the one who will make her smile, and get into her pants. He even goes as far as to make her a hand carved “mating gift”.

She is also holding in a big secret that can affect everyone. Since the story isn’t all that long, I won’t summarize anymore than that, but it was a really good installment in this series that is fast becoming my favorite guilty book pleasure. I love how the girls and the sa-khui are so different, and the funny stuff that happens as they live together. If you have read the others and liked them, this one isn’t one to miss.


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