The Owner Of His Heart

13164348The Owner Of His Heart

By: Theodora Taylor

3 “Amnesia” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $5.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: An okay read, but a bit too pricey.


I have long forgotten who it was that recommended this series to me. I’ve had this particular book on my Kindle for years, unopened and forgotten, and it was only when I was going through it to organize my library that I saw it, all forgotten in it’s shirt-ripping, male-nipple-exposing glory, and I decided to give it a go.

The Owner Of His Heart is the story about a woman named Layla. She has lost a chunk of time due to an accident years back, and after coming across some bank statements at her late fathers home, she figures they have something to do with the missing time she can’t remember, and heads off to Pennsylvania in order to investigate.

It is here, she confronts billionaire Nathan Sinclair, in the hopes that he has the answers that she needs. He is the typical billionaire CEO. Ruthless, arrogant, and distrusting, so when Layla comes to him with her questions, he doesn’t believe her claims. He remembers her. They had a past, and when events occurred he was left heart-broken and bitter, so when she shows up demanding to pay him back, he isn’t exactly waiting there with open arms. She works herself to the bone, even going as far as to sell her car to pay him back the money he doesn’t need or even particularly want back. However, there is something else that she has that he finds himself wanting, despite his animosity towards her. You guessed it. Her body.

The blackmails and manipulates her into bed, where they have hot, steamy, sexy times, but afterwards he still treats her like crap, and she lets him. Yup, we got a Miss Doormat on our hands here. As the books progresses, secrets are revealed, and their shared past comes to light, and once it does they are able to put it behind them in order to achieve their HEA where I’m hoping he is less of a douche nozzle.

The writing is okay, the plot a bit tedious at times, but all-in-all  it was a decent read. Though I sometimes hated the characters and their choices, they redeemed themselves somewhat at the end to give me a satisfactory ending.


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