Barbarian Mine

26570784Barbarian Mine

By: Ruby Dixon

4 “Ruhk Rocks” Stars

Genre: Sci Fi Romance; Smut

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle; FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: This series gets better and better.


As I have stated in previous reviews, this series is my guilty pleasure. Though the premise is absurd and some of the women super annoying, I find myself overlooking its flaws and enjoying the hot smutty alien goodness that is the Ice Planet Barbarians series.

Barbarian Mine steps away from the formula created my the previous books when it introduces us to Ruhk. Ruhk is a sa-khui, but he doesn’t live with the rest of the group in the cave system. He lives alone as a recluse, his late father instilling fear of the others into him from an early age that has carried on into his adulthood. The others do not know of his existence, thinking he died long ago, but he survived, barely, depending solely on himself and his skills as a hunter and his wits. It is during one of his “hunts” that he comes across Harlow. She is one of the women who crash landed on the planet awhile back, and is one of the more useful ones out of the group.

She was gathering supplies to make a stretcher to pull an injured hunter back to the cave for help, when she bumps into Ruhk. He panics, hits her over the head with his club and takes her back to his cave “caveman style”, where their khuis resonate. Since he hasn’t had anyone to speak to for a long time, he has like ZERO social skills, and doesn’t know how to interact with her but he makes a serious effort to make her feel at home, and wins her heart in the process.

I want to give Rukh everything I possibly can. I want to give him a mate, a family, teach him about sex, and share everything every day together. I want him to know he’s not alone.
I want him to know someone else loves him. Someone else is there for him.

I LOVE how strong Harlow is. She hunts right alongside him, takes care of him just as much as he takes care of her, and isn’t afraid to love him without reservations. Rukh needed someone like her, and their story was perfect.

Rukh’s dedication to Harlow was unwavering. He would do anything for her, a fact that was tested in this book and he passed with flying colors.

 I will die if I lose her. She is the only thing worth living for. Now that I have Har-loh, I can’t go back to the loneliness of before. I cannot bear the thought of a day without her smile, her touch, her scent. Her small, cold hands on my skin as I wake up.

This book focuses mostly on these two, due to his fear of the others, but I think I liked it better that way. The simplicity of the story, focusing mainly as their growth as a couple, was a great read, paced nicely, and well written. Keep writing Ms. Dixon and I will keep reading!




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