Torkel’s Chosen

24335191Torkel’s Chosen

By: Michelle Howard

3 “Kidnap Magnet” Stars

Genre: Sci FiRomance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle.

Quick Thoughts: Started good, hated the ending.


In the spirit of pure honesty, I shall admit to something. The man on the cover’s boobs made me buy this one. There I said it, and I now feel remarkably better after that confession and can now move on with this review.

Torkel’s Chosen is different among the “Mars Needs Women” trope that I see all over the Kindle store. Instead of the alien’s in need of women, Earth women are in desperate need of men!

We start this book off with a woman named Faith. She wants to settle down with a guy and have a family, and because of a virus that has made the woman-to-man ratio 18:1, she looks to the stars for her way to achieve this. Apparently the humans are compatible with most alien being out there, and if you have $20,000 you can buy a ticket to be shuttled off to the planet of your choosing to find your special someone.

She is also fleeing trouble on Earth, so she heads off into space, making a friend named Lindsey on the ship, who helps her review her options, and she decides on Enotia. She is dropped there and with the the other women who chose that planet, brought to a ceremony where they get to choose the man they want to marry. After looking at her options, she chooses Torkel, much to the other people’s shock.

This is Torkel’s seventh and final time to put himself up for the Choosing. He is doing it mostly for his adoptive parents, but has no illusions that any one will pick him. Though he is good looking, noble, a distinguished warrior, and from a good family, he is deemed “undesirable” by the others because of his Marenian pedigree. The Marenians are slavers and hated by many in the universe, however, he isn’t like the rest of his race since he was adopted and raised by an Enotian couple since an early age. This doesn’t matter, however, and he has resolved himself to living the life of a lonely bachelor until Faith chooses him.

Though her decision is challenged and questioned, she holds firm to her decision, disgusted by the way the others treat the man who she comes to admire, and she is unwaveringly faithful to her decision and goes with him to his home. Torkel is shocked, humbled, and conflicted by her decision. He wants to be happy that she chose him, but his insecurities keeps him constantly second-guessing her intentions. He doesn’t want to give her all of his love and trust, afraid that she will hurt him, and his insecurities, though understandable, grated on my nerves after a while.

The other thing that made me kind of frustrated with this book was with how many times this chick gets kidnapped. I think the only other person who has gotten abducted more times than her was Princess Peach on Maria Bros.

It got on my nerves, and when that combined with Torkel’s mistrusting emo tendencies, I almost didn’t finish this one. Long story short, he didn’t deserve her loyalty or her devotion. She never got any recognition for it, and I personally think she should have at least gotten a medal, or a “Thank You For Being A Down Ass Bitch” cunnilingus session, but instead the author had HER apologize to HIM!

Stick a fork in me. I’m DONE!


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