By: Eve Langlais

3 “GI Joe, Cyborg Hero” Stars

Genre: Sci Fi Romance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $2.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Cyborg has always been my Favorite Teen Titan.

First off, the cover. Holy Hotness Batman! I am a fan of muscled men. It was one of the first qualities that had me spot my husband in college. I’m a sucker for wide shoulders and defined pecs, so when I see a ripped body on a cover, it’s more than likely going to be bought by me.

C791 is a sci fi tale of a cyborg named X109GI (who renamed himself Joe, as in G.I. Joe) who gained awareness, and not a moment too soon. Slated to be purged alongside with his other fellow cyborgs, he disregarded his core commands and staged an uprising, gaining his freedom, and the freedom of his fellow cyborgs.

Wanting to know more about how he was made this way and having no memories of his previous human life, he searches for answers only to be captured by the government and experimented on. It is at one of these Top Secret labs that he meets Chloe. She is assigned to collect samples from him. Joe finds himself unable to resist teasing her, leading to some rather sexy/cute dialogue between them.

“I don’t suppose you’d open up and let me take a sample?” she asked, her tone already resigned.

“I have a better idea. You kiss me, and I’ll give you all the saliva you want.” 

When he makes his escape, he takes her along with him, wanting to keep her due to the way she makes him feel more alive, and they begin a romance that is intense and HOT! Their relationship is not a smooth or easy one by any means. There is a lot of conflict, mistrust, and situations that they find themselves in that test their feelings and level of commitment they have for each other before they get their HEA. Excellently written, and  though the Joe seemed a little one-dimensional, he made it up by being able “to go all night”.

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