By: Jordan Marie

4 “Skull Fucking” Stars

Genre: MC Romance

Cliffhanger: YES!.

Price: $0.99 for Kindle; FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: WHAT THE HELL!

I had so many thoughts in regards to this book after I finished it, I needed to wait a few days to review this one. For starters, Skull.

Ever since his character was introduced in her Savage Brothers series, I fell in book love with him. When I heard that he was getting his own book I was like:

To make it even better, it was free with my Kindle Unlimited membership, so I quickly downloaded it and started reading it without checking out any reviews on it. It was there I think my problems first arose. I HATE CLIFFHANGERS! I don’t like to read an uncompleted series if it involves cliffies. It is too much anticipation, and I have almost zero patience for waiting. The way this one ended…it seemed like the author was in the middle of a complete thought and was like “Yeah, I’m just going to stop right there.”

While the story was awesome, and the part with Beast which super tragic and made me want more, I think it lost something by leaving off the way it did. It made me want to throw things.

This story, like I stated before, is about Skull. He meets Beth at a coffee shop, and is instantly smitten. She had snuck out of boarding school for the day to celebrate her birthday, and when the dirty talking, bad boy biker  sat at her table, she was conflicted between her attraction to him and following the rules taught to her from an early age. Let me just say…that confliction doesn’t last long! Why? BECAUSE IT’S SKULL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE!

He lives his life to the extremes, so it was fun to watch him fall for Beth who is his polar opposite. She is very young and innocent, but I guess that is what his jaded heart needed, and I liked their chemistry. I only wish she was more of a fighter. She just seemed like when she had to put in any effort, she folded like a cheap tent.

After reading Bull’s story with Skye (who was such a strong, independent woman), I guess it was hard to enjoy Beth’s character, who would have fit in rather well in the past.


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