By: T.M. Frazier

3 1/2 “Ghost Preppy” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Dark; Suspense

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Boring in the beginning, a little better around the end.

This book picks up where the last one left us off (with a crazy cliffhanger). Doe’s identity is revealed, King was taken away by a police officer, and Preppy…well Preppy is still super dead, much to my lament. Why this author decided to kill off the only interesting character is besides me, but in this book it seems like she figured out how stupid that was and tried to incorporate him back in as a ghost. Yep. A ghost.


Whenever I came across Ghost Preppy dispensing his twisted comments in italics it made me angrier and angrier at this author. His death was so unnecessary, and he would have been a good character to have his own spin off book. Instead, we get Ghost Preppy and it is so unsatisfying it almost made me give up on this book in its entirety.

Doe goes home, her memories still lost to her, because she wants to have her son in her life. Her baby’s father, Tanner, is overjoyed to see her and tries to “help” her regain her memories by telling her the highlights of their childhood and relationship together. She spends the majority of the book missing King, wandering the swamp, and trying to spend time with her son but mostly only seeing him for mere minutes before someone else takes up her time with their issues. The pace was so stagnant I was seriously doubting anything major was going to happen in this book, but when it did…


Jake from The Dark Light of Day had an appearance in this one, which was nice. I liked that book a lot, so it was good to see him and Bee in suburban bliss AND get to see him in his darker element as well.


The ending was satisfying and the “twist” did surprise me so I had to give this author credit for that. A solid read, but needs better editing. There were many times I came across the wrong words in places like spell-check corrected them incorrectly. Proof-reading is your friend. While these moments were kinda hilarious, like a mad-lib, they weren’t too distracting so I give the author a pass on that. Will I read Bear’s books? I don’t quite know yet. I’m going to check out the reviews on it before I make a commitment on whether to spend my time reading it, knowing the whole time it would have been better with Preppy as the main character.


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