Bound By Hatred

23760879Bound by Hatred

By: Cora Reilly

4 “I Love The Crazy Ones” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mafia

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Matteo. Enough said.


I have never started one of these reviews with a quote, but there was one scene in this book that shows the intensity of this book so well, I have to share it.

My eyes widened. He didn’t move. Just stood in front of me with his arm propped up against the wall and his dark eyes boring into mine. We weren’t engaged, thank God, so speaking to me like that was more than inappropriate. Father would have gone nuts if he’d heard. I should have been anxious, embarrassed at the very least, by his words, but instead I found myself wondering how it would be to kiss someone. The girls in my class had all kissed and done far more already. Only Aria, I and the other girls from mob families were sheltered by bodyguards. How would it be to kiss someone forbidden? To do something a good girl didn’t do?

“Then why don’t you?” I heard myself say. Alarm bells went off in my mind but I ignored them.This was my choice. If we weren’t who we were, if we hadn’t been born into this screwed up world, if Matteo wasn’t a Made Men and a killer, maybe then I could have fallen for him. If we’d met as two normal people, then maybe “then I could have fallen for him. If we’d met as two normal people, then maybe we could have become something.

Matteo moved closer to me. For some reason I backed away until I bumped into the wall, but Matteo followed and soon I was trapped between cold stone and his body.

“Because there are rules in our world and breaking them has consequences.”

“You don’t seem like a stickler for rules.” I wasn’t sure why I was encouraging him. I didn’t want his attention. I wanted out of this fucked up world and its fucked up people. Getting involved in any way with someone like him would make that impossible.

Matteo smiled darkly.

“I’m not.”

Excerpt From: Reilly, Cora. “Bound by Hatred.”

Gianna is the polar opposite to her sister Aria. She isn’t well behaved, she speaks her mind, rebellious, and after seeing her sister obediently marry a stranger because it was expected of her, she made a decision not to have that happen to her. She wants the freedom to choose her own path in life and the ability to fall in love and marry whoever she wishes.

She catches Matteo’s eye at her sister’s wedding and Matteo wanted her because of her fire and contrary nature. He gets Rocco’s (Gianna’s father) blessing and an arranged marriage  between the two is planned. Gianna hates Matteo because of this and runs away months before the wedding with the aid of her sister, skipping from place to place in Europe, hoping to elude the Family and the people she knows are searching for her, meanwhile trying to enjoy her freedom and live the life she chooses.

Matteo and her father’s goons eventually find her, in a compromising position with her boyfriend, who they kill, and she is then forced to marry him. She is treated horribly by her father and the Outfit, called a slut for running away, even her Brother-in-law Luca said some pretty awful things to her while Gianna’s sister did what a typical doormat does, and let it happen. I wish my husband would say anything similar to that Luca said to my sister! #SistersBeforeMisters

Despite it all, Matteo takes care of her and shields her from the worst of it. He cares for her deeply, despite how she treats him, and proves his loyalty to her time and time again. At one point, I felt like she was just being a brat, denying him for the sake of it, but it made their “encounters” that much more intense. To be perfectly honest, if I was Gianna I wouldn’t have ran from him in the first place because Matteo is HOT! Hot and crazy, but he would never hurt her and would destroy anyone who thought of hurting her. That is some dedication!

I wanted to give this one a perfect five stars but Gianna’s bitchiness kinda threw me in some places, but all-in-all it was a pretty solid read and great addition to the series!


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