By: Erin Tate

3 “Merman Hook-Up” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance; Sci Fi

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $0.99 for Kindle; FREE for Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Super short.


This book was so short, any synopsis I could write will pretty much tell the whole damn thing. It is like thirty pages long, and I read it in less than an hour. Being as short as it was, it felt too rushed, there was very little plot, even littler world-building…it pretty much felt like a set-up for the two main character to have some “horizontal refreshments”.

In fact, the whole conflict was about them rubbing genitals in the back of her SUV during a hurricane. The h, Maris is having a lot of backlash for “riding the dolphin” because it was captured on a camera and there are purists who now have been attacking her for her “interplanetary relations”. (I can do this all day. Literally.)

With that being said, it leads up to a pressing question I had pretty much all throughout this short story. WHO THE HELL IS TAKING PICTURES OF SUV SEX DURING A HURRICANE? No, seriously. This is one of those burning questions that there is no plausible answer to except “because”. I have weathered a few hurricanes myself when I lived in NC, and I don’t know a single person who would brave the elements on a slight chance of coming across to people doing it in a car. There are a few idiots who try to surf during hurricanes (SMH), others who run outside on dares or to shore up their home’s protection, and even the occasional poor weatherman who gets the short straw, but nobody is going around being a sex paparazzi in 100+ MPH winds.

Any way, they bang in her SUV, and when the storm ends a miscommunication and a sequence of urgent events causes them to part ways thinking that the other “smash partner” abandoned their “coitus connection” and they went their separate ways sad. When Maris is attacked (her home burned), the Ujal Prince Tave, has Vados watch over her in a condo they set up for her. They meet again, iron out their misunderstandings and we get the most choppy ending in novella history. THE END.


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