By: Addison Jane

3 1/2 “Hoes Need Love Too” Stars

Genre: MC Romance; Drama

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $0.99 for Kindle; FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Interesting spin on the typical MC Romance.

This one was interesting because instead of the usual MC Romance I am used to, where the club girls are stigmatized by the main characters, this one is featuring one as it’s main character. We got to see the other side of club life and the dynamics and reasons some of these girls choose to be passed around the club instead of finding Mr. Right.

I didn’t want to be owned. I didn’t want a man to tell me all this bullshit and never be able to step up and do it. I didn’t need a man to watch over me before, and I sure as hell didn’t need one to do it now.

Harmony is a college student, who uses the clubhouse for free room and board, and she is also given an allowance from the club that helps her with her other expenses. She makes no apologies for what she is, she actually likes her position in the club and is a pretty strong and likable character.

As a club girl, she has to abide by three rules:

  1. Love the club
  2. Respect the brothers and the brothers will respect you.
  3. Stay out of the way of Old Ladies’ way.

While she does have to make herself “available” to any brother who wants to have sex with her, there are also some rules in regards to that. If someone is being too aggressive or hurts her in anyway, she can deny that person access without getting in trouble with the club. That is good to see, but that should be a no-brainer. Such an occurrence happens early on in the book when a brother named Target when he got WAY too aggressive with her, smashing her face on a pool table when he bent her over, causing her to bruise and her lip to bleed. She refuses to have sex with him, and her decision is backed by the President, Optimus.

Target gets angry and resents her but then a out-of-town chapter of the MC comes into town bringing Kit, who then claims her as his. She is now off-limits to any of the other brothers, Kit wanting to make her into an Old Lady, but Target tries to get some forced head out of her anyway getting him a proper beat down by Kit. He then takes her to his chapter, wanting to spend some more time with her, and their feelings grow for each other despite the other crazy drama that follows them to the other town.

“One day, I want you to be my Old Lady, and not because I want to own you and keep you locked away. But because an MC President needs an Old Lady that’s strong, smart and loyal. We can do this at any pace you like baby. But with the strength, beauty and respect I see in you, I’m sorry but I won’t let you slip by me without putting up a fight.”

The writing was good, some parts a bit OTT, but that is to be expected with this genre. The plot was good and the conflict that occurred was pretty fun to read. Kit was a tough, protective, alpha who though he seemed to had fallen for Harmony a little too instantly to be realistic, he was a pretty solid main character and a excellent match for Harmony.


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