Fear Us

25537669Fear Us

By: B. B. Reid

4 “Man, You’ve Changed” Stars

Genre: Dark Romance; Drama

Cliffhanger: Kinda.

Price: $0.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: I didn’t like Keenan’s character in the last books, but this one changed that.

Fear Us is the third book in the Broken Love series. The first two books revolved around Kieran and Lake (the first book was GREAT and the second one was pretty boring), while this one does feature them, they are not the main characters. This one mostly revolves around the train wreck that is Sheldon and Keenan.

You remember them in the previous books, Sheldon was the really nice girlfriend of Keenan (Kieran’s cousin brother) who gets constantly cheated on yet still forgives him and stays with him, even though it tears her apart. He was the comedian out of the group, always ready to laugh or make a smart ass remark to lighten the mood, which kinda made me like him until his inability to keep it in his pants made me start to hate him.

It isn’t like I don’t enjoy a story about a good man-whore. I LOVED Dean in The Score. He was the VERY DEFINITION of a man-whore, but once he decided to have an actual girlfriend, he reserved his dick for her.

It was the fact that Keenan thought it was okay for him to hurt Sheldon by cheating on her that I hated. If you want to fuck around, go do that, but don’t have a girlfriend at the same time. That just makes you an awful person in my book, and I was equally disgusted in Sheldon with staying with him when he continued in that behavior. Girl GET SOME SELF-ESTEEM!

She finally does have enough of him treating her with that kind of disrespect, and she breaks up with him in book two. Shortly afterwards, he is shot and almost dies, hospitalized and in need of a donor. She visits him when he was in a coma, but when he wakes up she isn’t any where to be found, making him upset thinking that she abandoned him. Once he is better, he leaves town with out a word, wanting to run away from the new revelations that he learned (Kieran is his brother and was forced to kill their mother) and makes a new life for himself as a tattoo artist in California.

Kieran isn’t the only person he had abandoned, leaving Sheldon without a proper good-bye and she tries to pick up and carry on without him, while Kieran never stops searching for his brother. When he does find him, he lets him in on a BIG secret that causes him to come back to town and take back Sheldon, whether she wants him or not.

The boy she loved isn’t the one who returned, Keenan has become as hard and angry as his brother, which leaves us with some crazy OTT alpha moments, that made the first book in this series really shine for me.

I’d stop her heart with my bare hands before I’d allow her to give it to someone else.

The dialogue between the two was so good, and made me remember why I liked this series so much, despite the second book. 

“So do you actually expect to just pick up where we left off?”

“Second chances can be deadly, but I set you free once. Now you’re mine.”

This book was INTENSE! Their love/hate relationship was just as crazy-good as Kieran and Lake’s. Excellently paced and full of fast paced plot, it didn’t drag on for me and left me wanting more. I only have one question…WHERE THE HELL IS WILLOW?!?!?!?!


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