Planet X

2454830Planet X

By: Addison Jane

3 1/2 “Riddick Fan-Fic” Stars

Genre: Sci Fi Romance

Cliffhanger: No.

Price: $3.82 on Kindle

Quick Thoughts: I love Riddick, I love books…seemed like a win to me.

Despite this books, awful cover, weird price ($3.82?) and every chance to be an awful read, I took a chance on this one because a friend said since I love Riddick on Pitch Black so much, I would like the similarities in this one. Seeing that his love interest always seems to die in his movies, I hoped this chick didn’t meet that same fate.

Nope, but you are 😦

Planet X is about a girl, Krisa, who is an intergalactic mail-order bride. She is on a ship that will drop her off to her future husband, who is an elderly aristocrat. She isn’t in love with him by any means, has never even met him before, but has agreed to the union as a means to survive.

Also aboard the ship is a prisoner named Riddick Teague. He is a galactic criminal who is wanted for multiple murders and has been captured by a Royal Space Corps officer named Captain Ketchum and headed to prison. They meet when she goes off to “explore” the ship and she taken back with how massive he is, and is intrigued. Ketchum tells her that he is a “Feral” a race of violent night-dwelling people from Al’hora and that he is blind-folded as a kindness to his light-sensitive eyes.

She leaves, along with her chaperone because the ship is due to lift-off but finds herself going back to see him that night, curious about him and his notoriety. She grew up sheltered at the Briar Rose Academy, known for producing the best brides for prospective husbands, so she gets closer to him to get a better look at the man the Captain called a “sociopath”. He senses that she is near and then speaks to her, startling her and she runs away, the sound of his laughter trailing her all the way back to her room.

She is invited the next day by the Captain to visit with him to talk before they go into “cryosleep” and she naïvely goes, only to be attacked and almost raped by the Captain. She fends him off and it is then he informs her that the tracking chip that she is implanted with not only is used for identification and tracking but also as a chastity chip. Once activated by her husband, she can never leave him or even think about having another lover or it will cause her great pain. She doesn’t believe him and runs out of his room and back to her own.

Other things happen, and she goes back to the area where Teague is chained up but to fing her luggage in the hold. He asks her for some of the water from her glass, and she agrees, feeling bad that he will go without for weeks while everyone is in cryosleep. After drinking the water, they have a little conversation where he validates the charges against him.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“No…didn’t particularly bother me either, though.”

She shows him some more kindness by removing his blindfold (it was on super tight) and they have some more conversation before she leaves to go to cryosleep. The ship crashes, causing her to wake up and discover that her cryobed was not functioning and only covered the bottom half of her in suspended animation. She leaves the room, hoping to find help and gets it in the form of Teague, as he helps her survive the planet they find themselves on.

More things happen, the storyline surprisingly good which makes me remember the adage “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. It is something I am guilty of and I am glad that I spent the time to read this book what was better than anything else that comes out of the Ellora’s Cave publications.


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