Breaking Love

26837629Breaking Love

By: B. B. Reid

3 1/2 “Dashing Dasher” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Thriller

Cliffhanger: LORD YES!!!!

Price: $0.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Interesting spin on the typical MC Romance.

I want to give this book more stars. I really do. It was a great addition to the series, and while it was better than book two, it paled in comparison to book 1 & 3.

Breaking Love while it does contain the whole crew that we know and love (namely Kieran) this book mostly revolves around the relationship and non-relationship of Dash and Willow. You remember them in the previous books as the best friends in those stories (Willow was Lake’s bestie and Dash is Kieran and Keenan’s). Dash was asked by Kieran in the first book to seduce Willow and then crush her as part of his evil plan to destroy Lake due to a huge misunderstanding.

Dash agrees and then seduces Willow, and they then carry on a secret relationship, Willow torn between loyalty to Lake and her desire to be with Dash. This blows up in everyone’s face when Lake catches the two in the middle of a little “afternoon delight” and the secret becomes not so secret. Lake is crushed, Willow finds out she was being used, and Dash realizes that he had real feelings for her, but Willow wants nothing to do with him.

Kieran had sent me on a mission to make a girl fall in love and sacrifice her heart, but it seemed the only one who had been sacrificed was me.”

She repairs her relationship with Lake, and they head off to college together, however Lake transfers out to be closer to Kieran, leaving Willow alone, and she feels abandoned and cuts off all ties to Six Forks and the people there (with the exception of her mother). Fast-forward to four years later, she comes back to town to secretly visit her mother, when she is waylaid by someone who makes her promise to do something or everyone she cares about in the world will meet a bad end.

Dash has never stopped searching or thinking about the girl who got away and took his heart with her. He works for his father and is engaged to a woman he hates due to his father giving him an ultimatum. He has to either marry who his father wants him to, or give up his friendship with Kieran. His father doesn’t approve with his close acquaintance with Kieran, thinking he is no better than a thug and a criminal, so Dash agrees to marry the woman his father picked out so he can maintain his relationship with his bestie.

When Willow comes back into town, things start to shake up. The crew is split into two factions, those that are happy to see her again, and those who distrust her reason for being back. Dash is super excited to see her again, feeling like it is his chance to make things right between them and get her back in his life. He wants her AND the ability to keep Kieran in his life, something that his father will not allow.

I love how he is a tough, alpha man, but has the ability to be soft and caring. With Kieran and even Keenan, they are so super dominant you don’t really see a lover-like side to them, but Dash seems to incorporate the best of both worlds. Now that Willow is back, he makes it his mission to win her back by any means necessary, and won’t let her slip away again.

The plot in this one was pretty EPIC, and the ending fo fantastically cliffie, I would have probably thrown my Kindle out the window if the next (and last?) book hadn’t already been released on April 5th. There are so many questions that has been left unanswered, and the ones that have been solved, only making me have more questions on top of it.

This is a great series, and I am glad I stuck with it, and I am eager to get my hands on the next copy. KIERAN BETTER BE A FUCKING MONSTER IN THE NEXT ONE OR I’LL DIE! Lol


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