By: B. B. Reid

5 “Flawless Victory” Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mystery; Thriller

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $2.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Kieran is BACK BABY!


Breaking Love  left us off with so many questions and a cliffhanger that was so crazy, if I had to wait any amount of time to get my answers I would have been like Ralph.

Fortunately for me, I read the last couple of books recently so this one was already available to put all those unanswered questions to bed, and to give me another dose of Kieran.

I know I have said a few times how much I disliked Fear You. It was boring and Kieran seemed not himself in that one, but in Fearless, he was back and with a vengeance! This one does a bit of time-jumping to get us back to where the last book left us off, we got to see a few scenes of Lake and Kieran, years prior, and then her being arrested for killing Mitch.

Yup. The end of the last book she was being arrested for it, and she was then brought in for questioning, but it turns out that the officers had illegally arrested her (they had no warrant) in order to try and get her to confess that it was Kieran and she was an accomplice.

We know that it wasn’t Kieran because he didn’t even know where Mitch was, but the detectives think they have their man. After she is released due to a pretty sharp lawyer, we find out that she didn’t even kill Mitch, it was someone else, and she is protecting that person from Kieran’s rage.

We get out crazy possessive Kieran back, and it is like Ms. Reid heard my pleas and brought back the old Kieran that I fell in book-love with. We get to see him being fiercely loyal to his friends/family, and his need for Lake that at points were so overwhelming I had to stop to fan myself.

I don’t want to say much about this book’s plot because it is after all a mystery, and it is better to know very little going in to keep the level of surprise up as you get all those answers that the previous books gave you questions about. What I will say is that it is a fitting end to an awesome series and not one to pass up. We get to see everyone in the previous books, and their growing families and it was great! I personally loved to see how much Lake evolved as a person and became less of a doormat and more of a fighter.

So why are you still reading this review? GO GRAB A COPY AND GET TO READING ALREADY!!


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