Dark Desires After Dusk

11319618Dark Desires After Dusk

By: Kresley Cole

4 “OCD” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $6.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Cade’s smart ass mouth is the BEST!


Ms. Cole’s books come highly recommended by anyone when you show an interest in reading something paranormal, and it is for a good reason. Her characters are original, her world-building is pretty expansive, the plot is heavy on action, and Nïx. We get a cameo with our favorite insane valkyrie in every book, giving our characters wildly vague clues that somehow make sense later on. (Not to mention her obsession with Mike Rowe)

Dark Desires After Dusk, book five in her IAD series, introduces us to a new character, Holly, an OCD professor and the object of Cadeon Woede’s obsession. He feels a pull to her, knows deep down that she is his mate, but there is a slight problem. She is human. A human could never be able to survive a mating with a demon, so he has had to just be satisfied with watching her from afar and wishing for more.

Cade is also living with immense guilt due to him letting his brother down in the past, causing Rydstrom to lose his crown. Something that his brother has yet to let him live down. He has vowed to do what it takes to help his brother reclaim his kingdom and he gets that opportunity in this book when he has to make a tough decision. He has to make the choice what is more important, his mate or the Crown.

While I loved the story line, the characters, the cameos, and the writing, what keeps my from giving this book a perfect rating is the ending. The main conflict’s resolution was a bit too rushed, Holly forgave Cade too fast for what he did for my tastes. She should have made him beg and apologize…damn even grovel for what he did to her, however the WTF moment with Rydstrom around the end made this book a win for me! WTH is up with that? I MUST KNOW LIKE…NOW!


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