By: Erin Tate

3 “Emo Merman” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle; FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Merman spunk is powerful.


Did I like this one? That question is still floating around in my head and I have yet come up with an answer for it. It was definitely better than the last installments, more effort put into the character development and the world outside of the bedroom, so there is that. It was entertaining to a degree, the drama was pretty good, but at times a little grating due to Rhal being a little too emo for me. He is supposed to be a master assassin! Master assassins don’t whine like babies.

Rhal is about (of course) Rhal and his relationship with a human woman named Cara. She works at UST and had a fling with Rhal, that he cut off rather harshly. When she finds out that the reasons he gave her for why they couldn’t be together were lies, she decides to move on and find the right guy for her with the assistance of the Intergalactic Mating Agency.

When she is denied, told that she has degenerative genetic material, she is confused as to what that means, but quickly becomes ill and is rushed off to the medic. Apparently during the last time Rhal and her had some sexy times, she tasted a bit of his “tadpoles” and since it wasn’t enough to make her fully transition, her body is warring with itself, and if she doesn’t fully transition with the help of more of Rhal’s DNA, she will die. 

Rhal wants her, he always had, even when he pushed her away. He only did that to protect her from the people who would hurt her for her association with him, but after seeing that she was ill, throws all of his reservations aside, and helps her transitions, and claim her as his mate. This journey isn’t an easy one, as there are things that happen that puts a wedge in between them, but when secrets are revealed, they are able to get their HEA.

The editing in this is still a little wonky at times, but it was made up by giving me a better glimpse of Ujal culture and customs. I like that the men take the women names when they mate, and that the women get the final say in matters. It’s different and makes this series unique. What kept from fully liking this book is that the author’s over use with the term “genetic material”, even in the sex scenes she was using it and that is just a tragedy. There is so many better words and euphemisms for the word semen and she just squandered such a wasted opportunity to use them. Especially since the h in this story needed his cum as medicine! LOL


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