Kiss Of A Demon King

3585344Kiss Of A Demon King

By: Kresley Cole

5 “Naughty King” Stars

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $6.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: Sabine is the best h so far in this series! Sorry Mariketa!


I think I have such good fortune that my library carries this series. If not, I probably wouldn’t have followed it due to the high ebook price on Amazon, and that would have been a shame.

Kiss of a Demon King picks up where the last book left us off. You know, when Cade went to see his brother to drop off the sword and found his brother a little *ahem* indisposed.

He had a woman chained to his bed and that was so off for such a reserved man who is known for his level head and control, so when I read that I needed to know what that was all about. Like ASAP!

Kiss of a Demon King introduces us to by far my favorite h in this series, Sabine. She is a sorceress (Queen of Illusions) and a member of Team Evil. She and her sister Lanthe aren’t necessarily bad people, they are just looking out for themselves and don’t really care about the repercussions for their actions if it doesn’t directly affect them. With the back story that they had? I could honestly say that I would have been the same

The beginning when she and her sister was at the insane asylum, there to take another sorceress’s powers, was one of the best beginnings so for for this series. When Sabine had “story time” with the patients, it was so good, I had to read it twice. Ms. Cole really knows how to develop her characters and make them unique!

Rydstrom has been trying to reclaim his crown for centuries after losing it to an immortal named Omort the Deathless. He is a super strong baddie that rules from his bloody throne and kills any who even thinks of defying him. Sabine and Lanthe live in his castle (unwillingly) and Sabine is ordered to capture Rydstrom and seduce him in order to have his baby. Why? Because a soothsayer prophesied that she is Rydstrom’s mate and Omort wants to sacrifice that child to the Well. Sabine has little choice but to do as commanded, and she abducts him, only to have the tables turned and becomes the captive of the demon king.

She is the opposite of him in so many ways, but there is an attraction between them that cannot be denied, and is made that much hotter because of their conflicting personalities. She had been raised in an environment where trust is for the weak and ruthlessness is the way to survive, so she finds it hard to trust Rydstrom and is holding on to a big secret that could mean her death if she doesn’t find a way back to Omort.

The banter between the two was DYNAMIC! Sabine didn’t put up with no mess from ANYONE, and was always ready to fight when she felt it was necessary. I loved how strong she was and how she had a ready comment for anyone who thought they could take her on in a battle, whether it was of words or physical.

Sabine gave a scoff. ” I could be virtuous, if I wanted to be.”
In an incredulous tone, he said, “You don’t know the meaning of virtue!”
“Of course I do – it means your thong must be white.”

“And you always do your duty. Doesn’t it ever get boring? I think that’s why you’re so attracted to me, because I’ve shaken your reasonable, rational, ordered life. I’d wager that you’ve felt more excitement with me in the last week than in centuries.”

That hit far too close to home. “And I think I’ve never known anyone as egotistical as you.”

“Egotistical? Try self-confident. Should I be meek instead? Would you like me better then?”

She was just the perfect person to balance Rydstrom. She doesn’t change who she is to fit him, and neither does he. They learn to accept each other, quirks and all, but it is the journey to get to their HEA that makes this book stand out and really shine. If you are a fan of the IAD series, this one isn’t one to miss!


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