By: Drew Jordan

4 “Savior/Captor” Stars

Genre: Dark Romance

Cliffhanger: YES!!!!!

Price: $4.99 for Kindle

Quick Thoughts: THE ENDING!!!!!!!


What would you do if your plane crash landed in the wilds of Alaska and you were the only survivor? The answer: Die from exposure. There are a rare few of us out there that has enough survival skills to survive such an ordeal, and even fewer who could survive while being injured as well.

Luckily for this book’s main character, Laney, she didn’t not have to suffer such a fate. Her plane crashed, leaving her injured and the sole survivor, but she was quickly rescued by a survivalist that lived close by. We never learn the man’s name, he never tells her it, instead tells her to make up one if she feels the need to label him (How BOSS is that?!) and treats her injuries back at his cabin, where he lives a life of solitude with only his sled dogs as companions. He came out to the Alaskan wilderness to be alone, making Laney believe he had something tragic happen to him in his past that caused this, but The Stranger (I shall refer to him as T.S.) gives her little insight on his past or anything about him really.

Laney is a enigma in her own right. She was headed to Alaska to meet up with her old friend Michael, in order to figure out whether or not she was going to settle down and marry him. They hadn’t seen each other since they were small children, but had been corresponding for some time, and Laney felt the need for a drastic change in her life. Nothing is more drastic than being 40 miles away from the nearest town and with no way to get there.

She finds herself drawn to T.S., even going as far as to initiate sex with him, which then brings us to this interesting conversation:

“Yes, I do want comfort. But that’s not it. I just think… it would feel good,” I finished lamely.

“Good isn’t good enough. There’s no point unless it’s going to be fucking amazing.” He sat up rapidly, yanking the rope away from me. “I live my life with discipline and control. You’re tempting, but I haven’t decided yet if you can handle me.”

Even as I knew there was probably some serious truth to his statement, I still balked. “I can handle you.”

He smiled, a slow seductive smirk that turned my insides to melted chocolate. I could still feel the dampness of my inner thighs.

“You can handle your version of me. But in reality, I’m not so sure.”

She quickly finds out what he means when he shows her what he meant. T.S. is a man of few words, he rather speak with actions than waste words. He begins to dominate her, both in bed and out, and she finds herself enjoying the freedom she feels she has by giving up her control to him. That is until…

“Can we go to town tomorrow?”

“I’m not taking you to town,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I whispered, sorry I’d brought it up. I didn’t want to talk.

“I’m not taking you back ever.” His voice was low, seductive, hypnotic. “I foung you, Laney. So I get to keep you.”

It is after this revelation, that she is not a guest in his cabin, waiting out the weather for a good time to travel to civilization, but instead his captive, that this book really begins to shine. Her inner struggles and conflicts made for some great reading, and the mystery of T.S. and his complex character, made me wish the author wrote some chapters in his POV as well. However, I think it is the mysteriousness that added to the thrilling nature of this book, and had me unable to put it down.

There is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end, but the second book is out, for those who hate cliffies (like me), so don’t let that deter you from this one. Solid writing, interesting characters, and minimal editing issues, make this one a definite must-read for those who like dark fiction.

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