By: Erin Tate


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cliffhanger: No, but part of a series.

Price: $3.99 for Kindle; FREE for Kindle Unlimited

Quick Thoughts: Good parts, and not-so good parts.

I don’t have a good reason why I am still reading this series. It isn’t particularly good, but it isn’t horrible either. It has its moments of:

But then it is quickly followed up by:

Erun is such a book. There are parts in it I did really like, but then there where parts that I didn’t making me question myself as to why I was still following this series. With no clear answer besides that I was bored and it’s free (not a very good recommendation for anything), I forged on hoping that this one would wow me in a way the others had yet to do.

Let’s start with this flipping cover. I am NOT a fan of chest hair. It’s gross looking and even worse when it is wet, so merman in my mind don’t have it. NO EXCEPTIONS! The guy on the cover looks absolutely nothing like Erun was described to be. He was supposed to be all super buff like that guy on Guardians of the Galaxy that couldn’t understand sarcasm…but hot looking.

That guy on the cover looks like he would lose in a battle to open a jar of pickles.

This is book four of the Ujal series, one about alien mermen with magical “man juice” and this one is focused on the guard Erun and a woman named Vanessa. Vanessa moved to Florida to work for UST. She is a widow with an adopted daughter named Tabitha, and is trying hard to start a new life as a single mother when her daughter becomes seriously ill. It is then that everyone is surprised to find out that Tabitha is an Ujal!

She is having problems transitioning, her body unsure how to transform because she had never done so before and typically Ujal children are put in the water to have their first transformation at a very early age. She is in a lot of pain because of it and immediately Vanessa is under suspicion of abducting Tabitha, but after her story checks out, and with her connections (she is friends with Rina), she is allowed to continue her guardianship over Tabitha.

Before the “big reveal” she had bumped into Erun on the street when he saved her daughter from getting hit by a vehicle. The little girl got ahead of Vanessa and she was trying to chase her down, but wasn’t going to be able to reach her in time. Erun was there to save the day, but not without being a douche bag about it.

“Thank you.” Her fingers ghosted over one of her child’s chubby arms. “Thank you so—” Tabby was wrenched away and Vanessa glared at the stranger.

“You do not deserve suck a gift. If you cannot keep her safe, she will be given to a female who can.”

She gets her daughter back from him, Erun leaving  torn between his attraction to her and loathing of her parenting abilities, but when this new thing happens he is back but with a new attitude. He sees that he was mistaken with his first impression of Vanessa, and that parenting a small child is hard even for the best of parents, and that he let his history cloud his judgement of her.

He then puts them under his protection, seeing that maybe he could have a mate in Vanessa and a child in Tabitha, something that he thought he would never have due to what was done to him in the past. His back story was tragic, and it made me understand his character better. It also made me…dare I say it…actually enjoy this one, due to the actual storyline that wasn’t just lead ups to human/fish “relations”. If only the other stories were as good but once again irritated be with Ms. Tate’s favorite term “genetic material” which was only 27 times!

I saw that the next in this series are dragons. DRAGONS!!!! 

Hopefully it won’t disappoint.


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