Close Liasons

I’ve been having a good streak going with the Sci Fi romance genre, so I decided to check this recommendation out. What I expected, hot sexy times with an invading alien force. What I got, however, was the author trying to make go outside, find the first vegetarian I see, and punch them in the face. It’s not even that I hate vegetarians. One of my close friends is Radha Soami ( a religion that abstains from meat and alcohol), and when he comes over, I make him a Boca burger and we hang out as he stares in a jealous longing of my bacon and beer. What I do hate is when an author tries to push an agenda on me in the disguise of a book that was supposed to be filled with alien smutty goodness.


Fear You

Fear You is the second book of the Broken Love Series, and it picks up where the first book’s crazy cliffhanger left us off at. I had every hope that this book was going to be even more crazier than the last book, and went into it with the same glee and anticipation that a kid opens up gifts at Christmas has.


I was in the mood for another rocker-type book, but instead picking up another Stage Dive novel, I decided to give another author a try. This book has high reviews on GoodReads and the description seemed promising, so I decided to give this one a try.