What would you do if your plane crash landed in the wilds of Alaska and you were the only survivor? The answer: Die from exposure. There are a rare few of us out there that has enough survival skills to survive such an ordeal, and even fewer who could survive while being injured as well.


The Bad Ones

I was in the mood for a particularly dark book and came across this one in the Kindle store. I must admit, the cover sold me, and the title seemed promising, so I downloaded it without even reading the description.

Truth Or Dare

After reading The Dominator, I didn’t think I was ready for the sequel. That book was a challenge to read, the content so dark it made me have to take breaks in between chapters to wrap my head around what was going on.

The Dominator

The Dominator starts us off as a 19-year old girl named Athena “Tia”. She is a foster kid who just graduated from high school, and has a promising future that she is looking forward to. For the past five years, she had been staying with a wonderful family, though she has been in foster care since the age of nine due to her father’s neglect and inability to be a father and her mother dead from suicide.


Breaking Love left us off with so many questions and a cliffhanger that was so crazy, if I had to wait any amount of time to get my answers I would have been like Ralph. Fortunately for me, I read the last couple of books recently so This one was already available to put all those unanswered questions to bed, and to give me another dose of Kieran.

Breaking Love

Breaking Love while it does contain the whole crew that we know and love (namely Kieran) this book mostly revolves around the relationship and non-relationship of Dash and Willow. You remember them in the previous books as the best friends in those stories (Willow was Lake’s bestie and Dash is Kieran and Keenan’s). Dash was asked by Kieran in the first book to seduce Willow and then crush her as part of his evil plan to destroy Lake due to a huge misunderstanding.

Planet X

Despite this books, awful cover, weird price ($3.82?) and every chance to be an awful read, I took a chance on this one because a friend said since I love Riddick on Pitch Black so much, I would like the similarities in this one. Seeing that his love interest always seems to die in his movies, I hoped this chick didn’t meet that same fate.

Fear Us

Fear Us is the third book in the Broken Love series. The first two books revolved around Kieran and Lake (the first book was GREAT and the second one was pretty boring), while this one does feature them, they are not the main characters. This one mostly revolves around the train wreck that is Sheldon and Keenan.

Bound By Hatred

Gianna is the polar opposite to her sister Aria. She isn’t well behaved, she speaks her mind, rebellious, and after seeing her sister obediently marry a stranger because it was expected of her, she made a decision not to have that happen to her. She wanted the freedom to choose her own path in life and the ability to fall in love and marry whoever she wishes.


This book picks up where the last one left us off (with a crazy cliffhanger). Doe’s identity is revealed, King was taken away by a police officer, and Preppy…well Preppy is still super dead, much to my lament. Why this author decided to kill off the only interesting character is besides me, but in this book it seems like she figured out how stupid that was and tried to incorporate him back in as a ghost. Yep. A ghost.


There seems to have been a trend among authors to write trilogies. I don’t mind this as much as the next person, largely because I rather have well written, flushed out plot, than a rushed through series of loosely held together plot points (I’m looking at you Beautiful Disaster!). I came across this book when I was looking for a good Mafia-like story to read and it was pretty good.

The Professional

The Professional is a quick-yet-steamy story about a woman named Natalie, a grad student who works hard everyday so she can uncover the mystery of her absent biological parents. Her answers come, but not in the way she thought they would, when Aleksei, on the orders of his Boss (who is also Natalie’s father), shows up to collect her and bring her back to Russia. Her father is in the middle of a power struggle, leaving her a weakness he can not let anyone exploit, so he wants her under his protection so she can be safe. He also wants to introduce himself to her, explain the reason why he had been absent in her life, and get to know her better.