Did I like this one? That question is still floating around in my head and I have yet come up with an answer for it. It was definitely better than the last installments, more effort put into the character development and the world outside of the bedroom, so there is that. It was entertaining to a degree, the drama was pretty good, but at times a little grating due to Rhal being a little too emo for me. He is supposed to be a master assassin! Master assassins don’t whine like babies.



I don’t actually know what made me pick up the sequel to Vados seeing how underwhelming and confusing it was so I shall chalk it up to three things: It was free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I was bored, and for the LOLs. Yes folks, I must admit that a lot of my decisions are based on how much humor I will get out of the situation. What can I say? I never really fully grew up into my adulthood!

Planet X

Despite this books, awful cover, weird price ($3.82?) and every chance to be an awful read, I took a chance on this one because a friend said since I love Riddick on Pitch Black so much, I would like the similarities in this one. Seeing that his love interest always seems to die in his movies, I hoped this chick didn’t meet that same fate.


What would you do if you found yourself transported unwittingly back before civilization. Would you have the skills necessary to make a life for yourself? To survive and thrive in a time before iPhones and grocery stores? I’ll me honest and say, I would probably have died. I hated the ONE time I have ever camped. Dirt and bugs don’t really do much for me, and even though I had prepackaged MREs (Meals Ready-To-Eat) and a tent, I was more than ready for that weekend to be over so I could go back to the real world of air-conditioning and Candy Crush.

Ice Planet Barbarians

Ice Planet Barbarians was originally a serial that the author put together as a book once completed. I’m glad I hadn’t picked up until then because I HATE SERIALS WITH A PASSION. I think it is lazy writing. Write a whole story and publish it like a normal, nice author, and don’t piss off your readers. That should be a rule. As I stated before, I went into this book expecting it to be a DNF (Did Not Finish) or at the very least a one star read, but then I found myself surprised that I actually enjoyed the story.


Hold is about a young girl named Riana. She was convicted of a minor offense, but in the future, all offenses are treated the same way. She is sent to a notorious prison filled with the worst elements of humanity, where she is instructed by a sympathetic prison guard during her transport, to find a protector immediately so she can survive her stay.

Golden Dynasty

When this book was recommended to me I thanked a book club friend and then didn’t follow up on it. The cover looked so bootleg I was super unimpressed. There was so many other books that I wanted to read, this one was forgotten for awhile. A part of me wishes it stayed that way. Last night I found myself in a particular mood, saw this book still waiting on my Kindle and looked up the description before reading it. Once I read it I was immediately interested in it despite the uninspiring cover, hoping to relive my enjoyment of my favorite GoT (Game of Thrones) story arc. Which one is that? Do you even have to ask? It is the story of Khal Drogo and Daenerys.