The Last Hit: Reloaded

This is a short novella that the author wrote to give us some more of my favorite characters Nick and Daisy from the first book in the series, and it deals with the events that has been going on in these books and how they are balancing having a relationship with each other, and trying to overcome the newest danger that is at their door. Though this book is short, around 130 pages, it was packed full of action and drama that we expect from this series and it made me wonder why I hadn’t picked this one up sooner.

Last Breath

Last Breath picks up from where the previous book left us. Daisy’s roommate/friend has been abducted. She has been transported to Rio where she is now an unwilling worker in a prostitution ring. She suffers rape after rape, but somehow is able to remove her mind from the ordeal and survive in hopes of being saved.

Last Hit

I LOVE a good hit man story. If I can’t snuggle up with a good serial killer book then it is my go-to read, so when I saw this book on GoodReads as a recommendation, I quickly snapped it up and prepared myself for a few hours of action-packed escapism.