Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor is the second book in Ms. Aurora’s Friend-Zoned series, and it kept up my love it cultivated in the first book, Friend-Zoned. This book is about Nikolai’s head of security and close friend Asher “Ghost” Collins, and Tina’s friend Natalie. In the first book, they had a feud between each other. Whenever they were together, they argued but one night, during a party at the club, they *ahem* bumped uglies.


Wallbanger is a story about two neighbors with very thin walls. Caroline took over her boss’s old apartment and it wasn’t before too long that she met her next door neighbor through his hilarious conquests in their bedroom that shared a wall. Between a woman that meows, one that giggles, and one that liked to be spanked she is kept up at night with his exploits.


Play is a book about Mal, who is in desperate need to clean up his image. He figures what is best to do that than find a “good girl” and have her pretend to be his girlfriend for awhile. Anne, the h in this story, is having some problems of her own. She is short on cash and her roommate just ditched her, leaving her to try and figure out how she is going to pay the rent, make ends meet, and keep her little sister in college. Her next-door neighbor, seeing her upset, invites her to a party to get her mind off of it, albeit temporarily, and though she rather not be around people at the moment, she goes anyway.

Playing For Keeps

Playing for Keeps is a freebie on Amazon, and since it had high reviews, I decided to check it out. This story is about a woman named Haley, who has a neighbor from hell. Over the past five years since he had moved into the home next door, she has had to put up with his loud parties, scorned women showing up at his door, her home being paintballed and windows broken, not to mention him “borrowing” her supplies at work. They are fellow teachers at a prestigious high school, and when she sees him one day pulling up her tulips, she had enough.