This one was interesting because instead of the usual MC Romance I am used to, where the club girls are stigmatized by the main characters, this one is featuring one as it’s main character. We got to see the other side of club life and the dynamics and reasons some of these girls choose to be passed around the club instead of finding Mr. Right.



This story, like I stated before, is about Skull. He meets Beth at a coffee shop, and is instantly smitten. She had snuck out of boarding school for the day to celebrate her birthday, and when the dirty talking, bad boy biker sat at her table, she was conflicted between her attraction to him and following the rules taught to her from an early age. Let me just say…that confliction doesn’t last long! Why? BECAUSE IT’S SKULL WE ARE TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE!

Reaper’s Stand

I started Reaper’s Stand with high expectations. Ms. Wylde’s style of writing, though isn’t masterful prose, it reads more gritty and genuine to the subject matter. This is a MC book, and bikers aren’t known for their soft underbellies and hearts and flowers. This genre at times can be very misogynistic with the way women are portrayed, but since that is something I already know going into these books, I don’t mind it at all. No one is forcing these girl to pass themselves around to various men, they do it because they want to. It is its own culture, one that I read on occasion, but not one I would seek out in my real life.


Undeniable is one of those books that I really wanted to like. It was edgy, gritty, and exactly what a MC book should be. If I take it as just a MC fiction and not a romance, it may have been rated higher, but alas it was supposed to be a romance, and that is where it fell short for me. Maybe I should have heeded the author’s warning a little bit more.

Devil’s Game

First off I would like to say thank you to Ms. Wylde for writing this book. After the last few books, I needed to read something more exciting, and Devil’s Game didn’t let me down. I could spend all day quoting my favorite bits out of this book, because Hunter had a mouth on him!

Trusting Bull

Ever since Saving Dancer I have been awaiting Bull’s story. He was such a loyal sweetheart and I wanted to see him get his HEA. However, due to the events that happened int he last few books, he is a changed man. After the attack in Saving Dancer, he has been going through some things. Once used for his pain, he now is addicted to pain medication and gets them from a shady nurse who is also a Club-Whore-In-Training.

Claiming Crusher

Claiming Crusher is book four of the Savage Brothers MC series. With this installment, I find myself a little conflicted. In all of the books, I ate up every part that had Crusher is it. He is super awesome, and has all the ingredients needed for a great book boyfriend. So when I saw his book available I was all on it…until I saw that Dani was the other main character. I liked Dani in the beginning of Breaking Dragon but as the story went on, I started to like her less and less, until it became a full blown loathe around the end.

Loving Nicole

Loving Nicole is the continuation if the relationship between Dragon and Nicole. You met these two in the first book in the series, Breaking Dragon. He still (to my intense annoyance) refers to her as “Mama”, but it was only a mild annoyance at this point instead of full-blown rant material as in the previous review (See: Breaking Dragon). I actually like their relationship dynamic. She accepts him and isn’t out there trying to change him, and she is a pretty smart and loyal girl…unlike her BFF Dani. Dani can go take a long walk off a short pier. She is still making dumb ass decisions and making me super rage-y.

Saving Dancer

This is book 2 in the Savage Brothers series, the first being Breaking Dragon. This book is about Jacob Blake, AKA Dancer, and his release from prison after he was sent there for killing a guy outside a bar for attacking a girl in the alley. The girl, Carrie, has harbored a crush for him for years despite their 15 year age difference, but he never saw her as anything but his late sister’s close friend.

Breaking Dragon

I came across this book while scanning through the Kindle Unlimited offerings. It immediately grabbed me because the H was not only a MC President, he was also black. That like…never happens in this genre. It is like a rare unicorn that I immediately downloaded and started to read, super excited to see what this new-to-me author was going to bring.

Reaper’s Property

When I read a MC book I treat almost like I treat a paranormal one. I know that there will be things in it that won’t follow any of the guidelines and rules that the real world imposes. It is best to go in it a blank slate and just accept whatever comes as a natural course of action, and enjoy the chaos. I don’t read MC books to learn life lessons or for spiritual inspiration. I read it to be entertained.

Souls Unfractured

Okay now that piece of truth is out there let’s settle down to what worked, and what didn’t, in this book for me. From the very first scene where Flame was introduced in It Ain’t Me, Babe, I have to say I was hooked. I wanted more, and I wanted it now.