Undecided is one of those NA gems that had me hooked from it’s very first chapter. It was a great blend of humor, interesting characters, drama, and plot, that had me unable to put it down.


Fallen Crest High

What do you get if you combine underage drinking, random acts of vandalism, running for HOURS, (future) step brother/sister love, OTT high school clich├ęs, and someone cheating on someone in pretty much EVERY chapter? Fallen Crest High!!!! Now with that being said, that doesn’t make this book any less entertaining. I found some parts down-right hilarious, but in other parts I merely stared at my Kindle and forced myself to swallow down my frustrations.


Oh, Jimmy. If you are a follower of this series, you will remember him as the lead singer of Stage Dive, who on top of indulging to the excess with sex and drugs, is a pretty awful person. He says whatever he feels like, no filter, and doesn’t care if he hurts anyone in the process. There were a few times in the past books where I even physically cringed at what he let fly out of his mouth. Suffice to say, I was not a fan.

The Hook Up

Do you like the NA romance genre? Are you a fan of college angst-filled insta-love works of fiction featuring a sassy heroine and a BMOC (Big Man On Campus)? If you responded with a yes, then The Hook Up is right up your alley.

Tall, Tatted, And Tempting

Tall, Tatted, and Tempting is about a deaf tattoo artist who is also is a drop-dead gorgeous man-whore. He is definitely into quantity over quality, and owns a tattoo parlor. He lost his hearing when he was thirteen, so he is able to speak, but he doesn’t, instead he writes things out. He meets Emily, when she comes into his shop one day for a tattoo. She is homeless, making a few dollars a day playing her guitar and singing on the street. When he tries to hit on her, all he gets is a bloody nose, and watches as she leaves, unaffected by his “charms”.


Play is a book about Mal, who is in desperate need to clean up his image. He figures what is best to do that than find a “good girl” and have her pretend to be his girlfriend for awhile. Anne, the h in this story, is having some problems of her own. She is short on cash and her roommate just ditched her, leaving her to try and figure out how she is going to pay the rent, make ends meet, and keep her little sister in college. Her next-door neighbor, seeing her upset, invites her to a party to get her mind off of it, albeit temporarily, and though she rather not be around people at the moment, she goes anyway.

Fear Me

Fear Me is about a high school girl named Lake. She is being bullied horrifically by a boy at her school named Kieran ever since they first met at the playground when they were little. His hatred for her continued all the way to high school where he tormented her and made her life hell. It was in high school where he was set up for a crime and then sent to juvie. He thought she was the one who set him up and made a plan to get revenge.


This is one of the many books that had been recommended to me that I have put on the back burner until now. Since the last few books I read was in the same genre, I decided to give it a shot before I switched up to something different. Bully was an interesting read. There were parts in it I really liked, and other parts that I absolutely hated, but all-in-all it was a pretty solid read.

The Score

The moment I was waiting for has arrived. Dean’s book released and I was all over it like a fat kid eating cake. He had some awesome lines in the last two books of the Off-Campus series and I was super excited to read a story that devoted itself to him. I wanted inside his delightfully sinful mind, and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed.

The Mistake

After reading the surprisingly good first book of this series (The Deal), I went ahead and snagged the next one. After reading the description and finding it was about Logan, I wasn’t as excited as I was with the previous book, but that soon changed after a few chapters.

The Deal

Sometimes I am in the mood for a light read. Something fun that doesn’t make me have to invest too much in emotionally, and that is when I look in the New Adult genre lists for something to pass the time. I saw that this book was very highly rated and for under a buck, I was more than happy to to give it, and this author a try.

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster is one of those books that works for me but I don’t exactly know why. It is full of things that other authors employ that I can’t stand but in this book…it didn’t bother me as much. I can’t exactly explain why that is, maybe it is due to the author’s writing style. It was very well written and the flow had me enjoying it despite it’s rather absurd content.