I don’t have a good reason why I am still reading this series. It isn’t particularly good, but it isn’t horrible either.

Kiss Of A Demon King

Kiss of a Demon King introduces us to by far my favorite h in this series, Sabine. She is a sorceress (Queen of Illusions) and a member of Team Evil. She and her sister Lanthe aren’t necessarily bad people, they are just looking out for themselves and don’t really care about the repercussions for their actions if it doesn’t directly affect them. With the back story that they had? I could honestly say that I would have been the same


Did I like this one? That question is still floating around in my head and I have yet come up with an answer for it. It was definitely better than the last installments, more effort put into the character development and the world outside of the bedroom, so there is that. It was entertaining to a degree, the drama was pretty good, but at times a little grating due to Rhal being a little too emo for me. He is supposed to be a master assassin! Master assassins don’t whine like babies.

Dark Desires After Dusk

Dark Desires After Dusk, book five in her IAD series, introduces us to a new character, Holly, an OCD professor and the object of Cadeon Woede’s obsession. He feels a pull to her, knows deep down that she is his mate, but there is a slight problem. She is human. A human could never be able to survive a mating with a demon, so he has had to just be satisfied with watching her from afar and wishing for more.


I don’t actually know what made me pick up the sequel to Vados seeing how underwhelming and confusing it was so I shall chalk it up to three things: It was free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I was bored, and for the LOLs. Yes folks, I must admit that a lot of my decisions are based on how much humor I will get out of the situation. What can I say? I never really fully grew up into my adulthood!

The Darkest Kiss

The Darkest Kiss is book two of the Lords of the Underworld series. I read the first one some time ago and since I found myself in the mood for a good paranormal book, I grabbed the second one in hopes it would be entertaining.

Barbarian’s Prize

I am going to start this review off by stating how freakin’ scary-ugly this book’s cover is. This author needs to seriously stick to blue abs shots for her covers and not show faces. Leave it to me and my healthy imagination. While I’m sure this cover model is handsome, he looks like the stuff of nightmares with this Photoshop job.


This book was so short, any synopsis I could write will pretty much tell the whole damn thing. It is like thirty pages long, and I read it in less than an hour. Being as short as it was, it felt too rushed, there was very little plot, even littler world-building…it pretty much felt like a set-up for the two main character to have some “horizontal refreshments”.

Dark Deeds At Night’s Edge

Okay, I’m going to just come out and say it. I was going to give up on this series. I like paranormal, but this series while was okay, I didn’t really like enough to make time for. When you add the high e-book price, this series became re-shelved from a “Must Buy IT!”, to a “Does my library carry it?”. In my case, yes they did, so after feeling a little better, I went to my library and picked up this one.

Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night

After the last book of this series, which was a total bust for me, I had little faith in this series. The writing in the previous books were solid, but the last one was rather boring. Though it was indeed jam-packed with action the chemistry between the two was a little flat for me.

No Rest For The Wicked

What do you get if you combine a kick ass valkyrie, a reclusive, self-hating vampire, and an episode of the Amazing Race? Well, you get this book actually. Only if the Amazing Race was played by immortal creatures and disembowelment is encouraged.

The Darkest Night

This book is about a group of immortal warriors, who after opening Pandora’s box and freeing the demons it contained, was cursed to house those demons inside of themselves to contain them. The main character in this book is Maddox. He is hosting the demon of violence and is cursed to be murdered every night, die and comeback, as punishment for his role in Pandora’s death.