The Bad Ones

I was in the mood for a particularly dark book and came across this one in the Kindle store. I must admit, the cover sold me, and the title seemed promising, so I downloaded it without even reading the description.

Fear You

Fear You is the second book of the Broken Love Series, and it picks up where the first book’s crazy cliffhanger left us off at. I had every hope that this book was going to be even more crazier than the last book, and went into it with the same glee and anticipation that a kid opens up gifts at Christmas has.

Fear Me

Fear Me is about a high school girl named Lake. She is being bullied horrifically by a boy at her school named Kieran ever since they first met at the playground when they were little. His hatred for her continued all the way to high school where he tormented her and made her life hell. It was in high school where he was set up for a crime and then sent to juvie. He thought she was the one who set him up and made a plan to get revenge.