I have been holding back from reading this one mainly because it is the last book in a much beloved series, I even re-read Play in an effort to get my Mal fix without having to end the series. Today, however, I put on my big girl pants, and finally clicked on this book that has been patiently waiting its turn on my Kindle and jumped in.



Oh, Jimmy. If you are a follower of this series, you will remember him as the lead singer of Stage Dive, who on top of indulging to the excess with sex and drugs, is a pretty awful person. He says whatever he feels like, no filter, and doesn’t care if he hurts anyone in the process. There were a few times in the past books where I even physically cringed at what he let fly out of his mouth. Suffice to say, I was not a fan.


I was in the mood for another rocker-type book, but instead picking up another Stage Dive novel, I decided to give another author a try. This book has high reviews on GoodReads and the description seemed promising, so I decided to give this one a try.


Play is a book about Mal, who is in desperate need to clean up his image. He figures what is best to do that than find a “good girl” and have her pretend to be his girlfriend for awhile. Anne, the h in this story, is having some problems of her own. She is short on cash and her roommate just ditched her, leaving her to try and figure out how she is going to pay the rent, make ends meet, and keep her little sister in college. Her next-door neighbor, seeing her upset, invites her to a party to get her mind off of it, albeit temporarily, and though she rather not be around people at the moment, she goes anyway.


Lick introduces us to the band Stage Dive and the members in it. This book focuses mostly on David Ferris, the lead guitarist/song writer, and the h of this story named Evelyn. Evelyn wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday in a big way, so she goes to Las Vegas with her best friend for a crazy night of drinking and partying. However, instead of waking up in her hotel room with her bestie, she wakes up the next morning to a sexy, tattooed man in her bed and a ring on her finger. Sporting a super hangover, she tries to remember the events of the night before but has no recollection of anything that would have led up to the situation she currently has found herself in. She panics and when the guy wakes up, the real fun begins.